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Welcome to my Mom Blog

From pregnancy to toddlerhood, find tips, advice, and support on this mom blog. Join this community as we navigate the joys and challenges of motherhood together.

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Welcome to my Corner, I’m Kinga!

The founder of Kinga’s Corner. In real life, I’m a single mom to a wonderful boy and a huge coffee lover. One of my biggest desires is to help other first-time mommies to “survive” their new life as a mom.

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Welcome to my Craft Corner

Here, you’ll find everything you need for some awesome DIY fun. From cool kids’ crafts to imaginative play setups, and even free printables to download, it’s all here! Whether you’re into making stuff out of paper, recycling bits and bobs, or just need some fresh ideas, I’ve got you covered. So, let’s get crafting and make something amazing together!

Looking for a fun way to teach your child the alphabet?

Check out my FREE PRINTABLE ALPHABET FLASHCARDS -the perfect tool to kickstart your child’s literacy journey! This is how I taught my son the alphabet and letter sounds. Comes with colorful designs and engaging visuals, these flashcards make learning the ABCs a breeze.

Let’s make learning fun together – one letter at a time!

Welcome to my Kids Activities & Toys Corner

Where every day is an adventure waiting to unfold! From festive holiday crafts to brain-boosting educational games, and everything in between, I’m your go-to guide for igniting imaginations and sparking endless smiles. Explore a world of play setups, dive into the best educational toys for every age, and discover the joy of hands-on learning with Montessori-inspired treasures. Join me as we embark on a journey of discovery, laughter, and boundless play possibilities. Let’s dive in and make memories that will last a lifetime!