potty training essentials

No matter if you decide to do potty training or toilet training, here’s a complete list of potty training essentials.

This list of essentials is adapted for toilet training too, please keep in mind that you are still going to need some of these when you transition from potty to the toilet.

So it’s always a good idea to have them lying around the house. You never know when your toddler refuses the potty, just like my son did… haha…

Do you want to read more about our potty training failure as well as the things we changed the last time? Click here to find out!

Potty Training Books

Before you start, it’s best to introduce some books about potty training. I didn’t think it was necessary, so we ignored them. Maybe this is one of the reasons why we didn’t succeed. We introduced them later and he loved them. They’ve been super helpful.


Consider buying a simple potty. You never know if you end up using it. Take us as an example. I bought a pretty potty for my son and he didn’t even use.

Potty Training Essentials | From potty to toilet training 1

Toilet Seat

Having a toilet seat is a must, if you ask me. It’s been super helpful for us. Keep in mind that you might need more than one if you have than one bathroom and especially if you have a I just ordered another

Potty Training Essentials | From potty to toilet training 2

Foldable Toilet Seat

I first saw a foldable toilet seat from my friend Madeline @ Cappuccino and Fashion and I thought this is briliant for traveling or whenever you are on the go. It folds up just enough to fit into any bag.

Potty Training Essentials | From potty to toilet training 3

Changing Pads

Consider buying either disposable changing pads or waterproof reusable changing pads. I put these here because we found them very helpful. We would put them on the couch, buggy or on the bed. You can even use them throughout the night. It will definitely save you from washing or stain your mattress or couch.

Potty Training Essentials | From potty to toilet training 4

Step Stool for Toddlers

Another must-have is a step stool that your toddler can move it around whenever he wants to use the toilet or the sink. My son uses it for other things too, such as turning on the light or reaching toys. It’s so cute to see him with his little stool.

Potty Training Essentials | From potty to toilet training 5

2 in 1 Toilet seat with Stool

If you want to save some money, you might want to consider buying a 2 in 1 toilet seat with stool. However, it’s not the best idea if you want to use the stool on its own.

Potty Training Essentials | From potty to toilet training 6


Rewarding your toddler is very important in this process. It doesn’t have to be sweets or toys. It can be as simple as stickers. You don’t need a fancy Sticker chart either, we had a blank paper with Potty Training on it.

Always give the sticker to your toddler and let him stick it. It might be a good idea to leave the sticker chart next to the potty or toilet. It will be easier and you won’t forget.

Potty Training Essentials | From potty to toilet training 7

Absorbant Underwear

We just started using these training underwear and I think they are brilliant.

Potty Training Essentials | From potty to toilet training 8

DIY Potty Busy Basket

I believe a Busy Basket it’s a great idea to keep your toddler entertained while on the potty or toilet. Make sure you put different things in it and keep it next to the potty or toilet so your toddler can pick and choose what he wants.

You’ll need:

  • a basket – anything you have around your house
  • books – anything from “window books” to storytime books
  • flashcards – if you need something ASAP, I have an Alphabet Flashcard Printable which is available to download here (free)
  • cars
  • any other little toys that your toddler can handle while sitting on the toilet or potty

A final note

These are all our potty training essentials. I hope you found it helpful. Feel free to share in the comments if you have any other potty training must-haves.

potty training essentials

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