I’m Kinga!

I am a young, enthusiastic woman originally from Romania, who lived in Cyprus and the United Kingdom.

I am a single mommy to a beautiful little boy, whom I adore! My hobbies are beauty & style, DIY, cooking, and reading just to name a few. I also adore traveling, long walks in nature, and visiting.

My Mission
From one mommy to another, I am here to give you some answers, solutions, or tips and tricks that will make your life easier as a mom.

My Vission
To help you make everyday tasks less challenging as a single mom.

As seen in:

My Favs

Fav drink


Fav season

Spring & Autumn

Fav thing to do

Netflix & Chill

Fav HOliday


While trying to figure out parenting and how to be a first-time mum, I’ve decided to start KingasCorner so that I can help other first-time moms just like me. This will also fulfill another lost dream of mine – writing and content creation. 

After my son got a little older, I developed a huge interest in at-home activities, Montessori education, and ways to keep him entertained. 

That’s how Clever Learning Resources came to be – which is like an extension of this website, where I share and sell all my digital products – printables, worksheets, and more digital items. 

On a personal level, I’m now divorced and a single, proud, and happy mummy to my lovely little boy. 

I do my best to provide everything he needs while continuing to share my knowledge and experience on KingasCorner.