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free activity sheets for toddlers

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I created free activity sheets for toddlers to catch my almost 3-year-old’s interest. Before finalizing the printable version you see here, I started with simple hand-drawn sketches on paper.

Surprisingly, he showed genuine interest and engaged with the activities for extended periods. This inspired me to transform them into reusable and durable printables, which led to the creation of these engaging free activity sheets for toddlers.

I’m excited to share them with you, especially if you’re searching for similar resources.

free activity sheets for toddlers

Hereโ€™s what you get in the Free Activity Sheets for Toddlers

You’ll receive a PDF containing 6 pages of interactive activity sheets for toddlers. Additionally, there are 2 pages dedicated to instructions and the cover. To conserve paper and ink, I recommend printing only the activity sheets.

free activity sheets for toddlers

Page 1 – Numbers & counting

These sheets make learning about numbers and counting an enjoyable experience. We love utilizing pom-poms for this activity, though other small objects work just as well.

How do we go about it? We vocalize the number and then place the pom-poms in the circles accordingly. We repeat this process until completing the entire sheet.

At times, he chooses to fill every circle, and at other times, he doesn’t. Both choices are fine. I believe in following his pace. In the beginning, he wasn’t enthusiastic about this activity, but I consistently reintroduced it until he wanted to engage with the sheet.

free Activity Sheets for Toddlers
free Activity Sheets for Toddlers

You’ll need:

How to set up this activity?

Set up is very straightforward and easy. You lay flat the piece of paper on your table or floor and the bowl of pom poms/loose pieces next to it.

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Page 2 – Color matching

My personal favorite โ€“ I can’t explain why! Once again, we use pom-poms, though any colorful objects will work.

You’ll need:

How to set up this activity?

This is another simple setup. Place the sheet on a surface and provide a bowl of pom-poms or colorful objects. Let your child choose the colors and place them on the activity sheet.

Pages 3 & 4 – Domestic vs wild animals

free Activity Sheets for Toddlers

I designed these pages with the intention of helping my son distinguish between domestic and wild animals. The goal is to match the correct animals to their corresponding categories.

This activity aids in learning which animals are domestic and which are wild. You can also use this opportunity to practice animal sounds or even sing along with specific animals.

You’ll need:

How to set up this activity?

I  usually place both pages side by side on a table. Then, I scatter the animal toys around the pages. My son then selects the toys that match the animals on the paper.

We often incorporate animal sounds and songs into this activity.

Through this exercise, my son now understands the distinction between wild and domestic animals and their respective categories.

Page 5 – Shape matching

free Activity Sheets for Toddlers
free Activity Sheets for Toddlers

I believe this is a great opportunity to find out whether your child is capable of recognizing the 3D shapes and matching them with the 2D shapes (aka from paper). Even if he doesnโ€™t know them yet, itโ€™s a great tool to help them learn.

I added the most common shapes and your child can play around to find the perfect match.

You’ll need:

How to set up this activity?

You can set up this activity in 2 ways:

  • Allow your child to explore and find shapes without removing them from the paper.
  • Place all the shapes from the paper in a small tray and let them search for matching pieces that way.

Page 6 – Shapes & colors

This is the same page as the one from before, but this time I added colors too. It would be ideal if you have the exact colors and shapes, so your child can learn to match both shapes and colors. But I am not sure this is possible, so you can work with what you already have at home.

Setting up this activity is the same as on page 5.

Enhancing Durability

We all know that paper and little kids often lead to wrinkles or bent corners. To make these sheets more durable, especially the ones you want to reuse, consider laminating them.

I invested in a laminator because I knew I’d be creating many flashcards and printables for my son. 

However, you don’t necessarily need to buy one for this freebie. Many local printing shops offer laminating services. 

Alternatively, you can print them on thicker paper, similar to what’s used for business cards.

Download the Free Activity Sheets for Toddlers

Looking for engaging activities for your little one? Click the link below to access a PDF containing 6 super-fun activity sheets for toddlers. They’re perfect for rainy days or road trips!


  1. What age range are these activity sheets designed for?

    These activity sheets are designed specifically for toddlers, typically around the ages of 2 to 3 years old.

  2. What types of activities are included in the activity sheets?

    The activity sheets cover a range of educational and developmental activities, including numbers and counting, color matching, shape recognition, and categorization of domestic and wild animals.

  3. Are these activity sheets only for fun, or do they have an educational purpose as well?

    These activity sheets are both fun and educational. They help toddlers develop essential skills such as counting, color recognition, shape identification, and categorization.

  4. Can these activity sheets be used more than once?

    Yes! To ensure durability, I suggest laminating the activity sheets. This way, they can be used repeatedly without getting damaged. If you don’t have a laminator, you can also print them on thicker paper.

  5. Can I share these activity sheets with other parents and caregivers?

    Absolutely! The activity sheets are meant to be shared. If you know someone who might find them useful, feel free to share the link to this article.

  6. How can I access and download these activity sheets?

    To access the activity sheets, simply click on the “Download here” link provided in the article. This will lead you to a PDF file containing the activity sheets and instructions.

  7. Are there any costs associated with downloading and using these activity sheets?

    No, these activity sheets are offered as a free resource for personal use only. There are no costs or subscriptions required to access and use them.

  8. Can I modify or adapt the activity sheets to suit my child’s preferences?

    This is not available at the moment.

Final thoughts

These activity sheets for toddlers have become a weekly favorite in our household. My son thoroughly enjoys them, and I’m incredibly proud of his engagement and progress.

Please remember to return and leave a comment sharing your child’s experience with these printables. Your feedback is valuable to me!

xo Kinga

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