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Best Baby-Led Weaning Equipment – products you really need

baby led weaning equipment

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Are you ready to start baby-led weaning, but don’t know what products you need to get started? Please continue reading to find out what are the essentials when it comes to baby-led weaning equipment.

The best Baby Led Weaning equipment

Baby Led Weaning Highchairs

There are so many options, and please make sure you do your research before buying. I highly recommend you keep in mind a few things when purchasing your highchair:

  • easy to clean
  • without too many cracks and crannies which will make the cleaning process a lot harder
  • relatively easy to move around your home
  • you might want to consider portability, and I know the Ikea one is trendy for its portability
  • safe for your baby
  • it grows with your baby

Having all these in mind, he are some popular highchairs:

Bibs for baby led weaning

You’ll need at least a couple of these. If you go for BLW, you should know that’s very messy, especially in the beginning, and you will continuously need a clean bib. So it would be best if you prepared for accordingly; otherwise, you’ll end up having a lot of clothes to wash. 

How to choose an ideal bib?

  • long sleeve
  • waterproof
  • has a pocket to catch food

I would recommend either the waterproof bibs or long sleeve ones.

baby led weaning equipment

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Plates, bowls or mats for baby led weaning

We had the Munchkin bowls (which I loved) and the silicone plates with suction, which we both loved and used daily. You won’t have to worry about any food spillage. Another alternative is a mat that comes with a built-in plate.

A few things to keep in mind when choosing your plates and bowls:

  • have suction which will help avoid food spillage
  • multiple dividers – especially for BLW – it’ll help you keep the portions low and diversified
  • high walls that help the baby to grab the food.

BLW Floor mat

With BLW having a floor mat underneath the high chair is a must! In those early days that sometimes turn into months, your child is exploring food, which means it can end up on floors. It’s easier to clean up and a fantastic way to protect your floors. 

Utensils for baby led weaning

You don’t necessarily need these from the very beginning of your baby-led weaning journey. However, it’s good to have some supplies at home just in case you need them. This silicone spoon & fork set is perfect for self-feeding. 

Tips for choosing baby cutlery:

  • easy to grab and handle by tiny hands
  • anti-chocking
  • designed for self-feeding

BLW drinking cups

We tried quite a few drinking cups and bottles and didn’t find one that worked for us until I learned about the 360 cups from Munchkin. You could also consider introducing a straw, especially when offering soups.

Specifications to look for when looking for a drinking cup:

  • doesn’t spill
  • easy to clean
  • doesn’t have a lot of cracks and crannies which make the bottle difficult to clean thoroughly
  • teaches your child how to drink – I feel like the 360 cups mimic this very well – it’s almost like you’re drinking from a regular cup, but has a lid on it to prevent spillages
  • easy to grab and handle by little hands

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Best tools for cooking for baby-led weaning

When it comes to baby-led weaning, the best thing is that you don’t have to batch cook or spend a lot of time pureeing food. We started traditional diversification with my son at around six months but transitioned to baby-led weaning when he was seven months. It’s been a massive switch for us. I was amazed at how simple it was to prepare food for him and how easy it was to eat out.

Steamers for BLW

I have two types, and I equally love and use them, depending on what I am preparing. If you want something simple, that won’t take too much space. This Stainless Steel Steamer is the perfect option. Alternatively, you could use a Steamer pot set, and we had something similar to this one.

Fruits & Veggie Slicers

I remember how much time I spent cutting food into thin slices for my son. Therefore I think a slicer will save you tons of time. Here’s one that works for cucumbers and carrots and one for apples, pears, and other fruits. 

Muffin tray

Another tool that’s very useful after a while is a muffin tray. I used to make my son omelet muffins with veggies, which is excellent for breakfast or snacks.

Best BLW tools and equipment when going out or travelling

Going out or traveling is A LOT easier with baby-led weaning. There’s no need to carry a lot of things with you, plus no pots with food that can easily be spilled all over your diaper bag.

Here are a few essentials when it comes to traveling when practicing BLW:

  • silicone placemat – I love this because it’s foldable, easy to clean, and catches food – fantastic when traveling
  • seat harness – it’s always a good idea to have one – you never know when you don’t find an available highchair wherever you go.
  • wipes – another must-have, especially when going out or traveling. We love using these ones.

Best books for baby-led weaning

If you are just starting on the baby-led weaning journey, books and blogs are your best friend. I learned everything I know as I practiced it. Here’s a list of some of my favorite baby-led weaning books:


These are my top favorite, and most used supplies baby-led weaning related. I hope you found it helpful if you have other BLW must-haves or preferences, please share them in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

Happy baby-led weaning!

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