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free cashback

Top Cashback has been in my life for quite some time now and it’s one of those things I really like using because it’s bringing me free cashback. Therefore I am writing this Top Cashback review because I want you to use it too!

It’s super helpful when you are a mom and you love to shop online. Using Top Cashback is the number one thing I do whenever shopping online so I can squeeze some money back into my wallet.

Top CashBack gives you FREE money while shopping online. I mean how cool is that?

Keep on reading to find out what is Top Cashback and whether it’s legit (it sure is, I promise, showing some of my results further down) and how you can start saving money today!

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What is Top Cashback? gives you money back while shopping online. The only condition is to link the Top Cashback site to the merchant and start shopping. This is how Top Cashback knows to pay you.

Use my link to get redirected to the Top Cashback site and create your account.

Here’s a screenshot (below) I took directly from their website. I think it’s a great explanation and it’s very easy.

free cashback

“Top Cashback is the most generous cashback site in the UK and US”

Is Top Cashback legit?

Are you wondering if Top Cashback is legit? Well, the short answer to that is YES. It’s very legit and I can guarantee that. I’ve been using this site for a very long time.

This is a screenshot that shows how much money I’ve earned so far. It’s not a lot, because I do most of my shopping from my phone, but you CAN earn even more especially if you love shopping online.

free cashback

Is Top Cashback free?

Yes, completely FREE. All you need to do is sign up, connect Top Cashback to the online merchant and start shopping. Top Cashback is one of the highest paying cashback sites and you can find over 5000 retailers both online and in-store.

How to earn free cashback using Top Cashback?

There are 2 ways of using the Top Cashback site:

  1. Log into your account. Search for merchants using their built-in search bar
  2. Install the Cashback Notifier browser extension and never miss an online store that’s connected to the Top Cashback site.

I am using the latter. There are a few steps to do, but totally worth it for some free cash, am I right? I installed the notifier years ago and now whenever I go on any site I get a notification (only if the site is registered with Top Cashback) just like the one below.

free cashback

It shows you the percentage and a button where you will be redirected to the Top Cashback site. Here you click on the Get Cashback Now button.

free cashback

After you clicked on the button, you’ll see this screen and that’s it! You do the rest of your shopping as you would normally do.

free cashback

You’ll even get a notification that your visit has been recorded.

free cashback

Now sit back and wait for your free cashback. Normally you’ll get an email whenever your account has money.

I think the Cashback Notifier is an absolute must! You’ll never miss out on cash backs. You’ll have the pop up as a reminder.

Other important information about Top Cashback

  • you can still use coupon codes and discounts
  • earn even more money with the tell-a-friend scheme
  • the payouts are directly into your bank account, PayPal or Reward Wallet (I don’t know how this works, I’ve never used it)
  • there’s a small annual membership fee (£5.00 in the UK) which will be retained from your payable cashback.

So, are you ready to start earning free cashback with TopCashback? Sign up through my link today to earn money while shopping online.

free cashback

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