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The Christmas Mommy Tag

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The Christmas Mommy Tag

Christmas is nearly here and I’d like to kick off this winter season with the Christmas Mommy tag. I’m not sure whether this exists already or not, but I created it using my own questions.

If you are a mommy, you are more than welcome to recreate it for your own blog or YouTube channel. Let’s jump in!

1. When do you start planning for Christmas?

Depends on what type of planning, if we go to my parent’s house I make sure we buy the plane tickets months in advance. It’s cheaper that way and we get to save quite a lot of money.

If we host Christmas at our place, I like to start planning and thinking about the menu about 1-2 months before. I like shopping in advance too, especially for the things that don’t go bad. Things like flour, sugar, or things for the cupboard.

2. Do you do a deep house cleaning before or after Christmas? Share your cleaning routine

Ever since I was a little girl we used to do a deep clean before every holiday (Easter & Christmas) meaning that we would take everything out from all the closets in our house, wash them, sort them out (things to keep or donate). We would also wash windows, doors, basically everything! Thankfully we lived in a 2 bedroom flat so it wasn’t anything huge. We used to finish the whole cleaning in about a week.

I kind of took on this habit/tradition in my own house too, but since I became a mom it’s a bit more difficult to fulfill. Ever since I become a mom, I like to start in November and start cleaning room by room. It’s a lot easier to accomplish and it’s not that overwhelming. The only downside to this is that by the time I finish the whole house, I can start from the beginning haha.

When it comes to the cleaning routine, I don’t really follow any. I like to start with the windows – wash curtains and from there closets, shelves, doors, maybe wall (fingerprints or pencil marks) and lastly, floors hoovering and mopping. While I work on the closets I also sort them through and put things in their designated place, see things I have to throw away or donate.

I follow this pattern in every room. So I guess I have a routine, am I right?

3. When do you start decorating for Christmas?

Again, going back in time a little, when I used to be a little girl we would always put our Christmas tree and decoration up 2-3 days before Christmas Eve. Then on the 6th of January remove everything. I feel like it’s not enough and I don’t get to enjoy all the festivity long enough.

So now we start decorating at the beginning of December, usually in the first week. I am so happy about it and at least I get to enjoy everything for longer. We remove everything on the 6th of January.

4. When do you start with the gift run?

Uuu, I like to start early with these too. I feel like if I buy things slowly and in chunks, My budget isn’t hurting after haha. I also noticed that if I leave everything last minute, the shops are empty, especially here in the UK.

5. How do you stay organized over the Holidays?

I like to start in advance with planning and lots of lists. I don’t think I’d be organized without these.

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6. How many kids do you have?

At the moment I have a boy.

7. What are your family Christmas traditions?

I can say that caroling, cooking, baking and decorating have always been in my life. However now since I have a family on my own, I’d like to add our own special things to the list. This is not set in stone and we maybe add or remove things.

  • Every year we buy a special decoration for our Christmas tree.
  • Advent calendar – chocolate for al of us with an additional nonsweet for the little one (usually small toys) I have an article about it from last year.
  • Baking Christmas cookies with the little one
  • Take a family picture in front of the tree

8. Do you usually host Christmas or do you go away?

Depending on the year. Because we live far away from my parents (in different countries actually) it’s a bit harder to get together every year. Sometimes we go, sometimes my parents come to our place.

9. Name 3 things that are always on your Christmas table

We have our Romanian traditional dishes that are always on our festive tables. Some of these are:

  • Sarmale
  • Chicken soup with pasta
  • Cozonac
  • Lots of homemade cake

10. When do you usually open gifts?

On the 24th. That’s how it’s always been.

11. Who do you pass this tag onto?

I’d like to pass this tag further to:

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