6 Safe Essential Oils for Babies & Toddlers

6 Safe Essential Oils for Babies & Toddlers 22
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6 Safe Essential Oils for Babies & Toddlers 1

Are you on a raid for SAFE essential oils for babies and toddlers? These have a great impact on our health, but not all essential oils are safe for children. Keep on reading to find out 6 must-have essential oils in your medicine cabinet that are absolutely safe for your children.

Later edit: We’ve been using essential oils in my family since 2019 and I’ve seen and experienced their benefits both mentally and physically. Therefore I am now sharing my knowledge and hopefully, you are going to give them a try.

What are essential oils?

Essential Oils are certain compounds extracted from plants. It embodies pure extract or “essence” from the plant which makes it very strong and concentrated. Once extracted, it is combined with a carrier oil – that’s how essential oils are born.

In order to produce 15 ml of essential oil, entails a large amount of material. For instance, to produce 5ml of rose oil, it needs about 242 000 rose petals. That’s a huge amount! No wonder why essential oils are so expensive. 

To find out more about the health benefits in general, read more here.

How to safely use essential oils around babies & toddlers?

Before anything, you should know that there isn’t any specific research about the use of essential oils on children. Many people claim that essential oils are good for little kids, but I’d still ask a pediatrician/doctor before using them on my child. 

Using them incorrectly may have a negative impact on your child’s health. Mainly because little kids are still developing and growing meaning that their little bodies are not prepared for such powerful substances. 

Therefore, you can use it as aromatherapy (in a vaporizer) to treat several cold symptoms or use it externally, on their skin – ALWAYS COMBINE WITH COCONUT/OLIVE OIL – to treat a rash, digestive problems, or a sore bottom.

I highly recommend doing a patch test before using any essential oils on your child’s skin! Remember to mix it with carrier oil!  

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Here’s a list of “DO NOT DO IT!” 

  • Don’t diffuse essential oils around infants – under 6 months old! 
  • NEVER use essential oils in your child’s drink! These are not meant to be ingested by children, especially babies, and toddlers.
  • Don’t use them in your child’s bath! Oils don’t mix with water, so even if you put a tiny amount in their water, there’s still a massive chance the oil will get on your child’s skin.
  • Don’t use them to treat everything and use them sparingly.
  • When used on your child’s skin – Do not use more than 1 drop on your baby’s skin and ALWAYS combine it with a carrier oil (coconut or olive oil) The ratio should be 1:5 where 5 is the carrier oil. 
  • When used in a vaporizer/diffuser – respect the dilution ratios and leave it on for no more than 30-60 minutes at a time. Make sure that the doors are open and you are not diffusing in a small room. 

Click here to see what’s my favorite essential oils diffuser

Dangerous essential oils for babies & toddlers

Here is a list of some of the forbidden and dangerous essential oils for babies and young children. Please note that this list may not be complete! Therefore, if you are not certain what’s safe for your child, ask a specialist – a doctor or aromatherapist

6 Safe Essential Oils for Babies & Toddlers 3

Which ones are safe for babies & toddlers?

Specialists recommend introducing essential oils to young kids over the age of 2. However, there are some parents that decide to start using them earlier. But please don’t do it, especially if your baby is under 6 months. No matter the case, please ask your doctor or aromatherapist first. 

6 Safe Essential Oils for Babies & Toddlers 5

How to introduce essential oils to little kids?

Before anything, don’t forget that essential oils are safe to use for infants under 6 months. So, once you’ve identified which oils can be used around little kids, you have 3 ways to introduce them to your child:


This is one of the best ways to benefit from the power of essential oils. Also known as aromatherapy – one of the safest ways to use around little kids. It is very important to use it in intervals (30-60 minutes at a time) and try to don’t overuse it. We use it only when my son needs it – nose congestion or cold symptoms.

I typically add water to the maximum marker and add 1-3 different types of essential oils (1-2 drops of each) in my cool-mist vaporizer. 

Topical (on the Skin)

Be very cautious when choosing this method! ALWAYS dilute it with carrier oil first. Do a skin patch test first, just to ensure your child is not allergic to the oil or its components (especially if you haven’t introduced it before). 

Diluting Instructions:

  • Babies and young children – 1 drop per 1-2 teaspoons of carrier oil (olive oil or coconut oil)
  • 5-12-year-olds & elderly – 1-2 drops per 1 teaspoon of carrier oil
  • Adults – 2-5 drops per 1 teaspoon of carrier oil

So for my 2-year-old, I like to put 1 drop of essential oil into my palm and add olive oil. I then mix the products in between my palms and then rub them on his tiny feet. 


I like to use this method more for myself, whenever I have a congested nose. I put 2 drops of Peppermint essential oil in my hands and then start the inhalation. 

If using this method around your kids, it is probably best to add 1 drop on a cotton pad and let them feel the scent. 

6 Must-have essential oils for babies & toddlers

Here’s a list of 6 of my favorite essential oil-based products to use around my toddler. In my opinion, these are must-haves and all cool mommies should have them on their sleeves. 

I recommend using them in a diffuser (except for Correct X) either on their own or in a combination of 2 or 3. 

6 Safe Essential Oils for Babies & Toddlers 7

Tea Tree (Melaleuca)

Also known as Tea Tree oil, it has over 92 different compounds and limitless applications. Melaleuca is best known for its purifying and cooling properties. Although it can be used both internally and externally, don’t put it in your child’s drink. 

Favorite Method: Diffuser or Topically (on feet with a carrier oil)

Blend Suggestion: 2 drops Melaleuca, 2 drops Lemon & 1 drop Spearmint

Good for: cold & flu, congested nose, purifying properties, immunity booster

6 Safe Essential Oils for Babies & Toddlers 9


It is one of the most popular essential oils due to its purifying properties. For adults has even more benefits when ingested. But as I already mentioned all over this article, that essential oils should NEVER be ingested by little kids. 

Favorite Method: Diffuser 

Blend Suggestion: 3-4 drops of Lemon 

Good for: respiratory difficulties, cold & flu, congested nose, purifying properties, environment uplifting 

6 Safe Essential Oils for Babies & Toddlers 11


Lavender has been used ever since ancient times by Egyptians and Romans for relaxation, baths, cooking, and as a perfume. Therefore, when it comes to little kids, lavender is soothing and calming too. 

Favorite Method: Diffuser (bedtime only)

Blend Suggestion: 2 drops of Lavender

Good for: teething, relaxation, good night’s sleep

6 Safe Essential Oils for Babies & Toddlers 13

Digestgest or Zengest

Just as the name suggests, it’s great for digestive issues or motion sickness. Of course, is more efficient when taken internally, but this is not allowed for little kids. It’s helpful enough for them if used topically to the affected area. 

Favorite Method: Topically – diluted with a carrier oil

Blend Suggestion: 1 drop of Zengest with 1 teaspoon of carrier oil (olive, coconut oil)

Good for: stomach pain, cramps, motion sickness, upset tummy, vomiting

6 Safe Essential Oils for Babies & Toddlers 15


Spearmint is milder than Peppermint, which makes it great for little kids. It’s meant to promote fresh breath and minty air. You can use it when cooking too, as it’s a great ingredient for homemade candies.

Favorite Method: Diffuser 

Blend Suggestion: 2 drops Lemon & 2 drops Spearmint

Good for: cold & flu, congested nose, purifying properties, cooking

6 Safe Essential Oils for Babies & Toddlers 17

Correct X

It’s a multi-purpose and natural ointment that helps soothe irritated skin by providing a moisture barrier. This will protect the skin while simultaneously soothing and hydrating it.

This is why it’s one of the perfect creams to soothe nappy rash in babies or toddlers.

Method: Topically

Good for: rashes, scars, burns, scratches, dry skin, nappy rash

Find more information about these essential oils

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