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As a Sunday School teacher or a parent seeking creative and meaningful ways to celebrate Mother’s Day, join me on a journey of inspiration and joy. 

In this exploration of crafts tailor-made for Sunday School settings, we’ll discover enchanting projects that ignite the imagination and weave in the teachings of love, faith, and gratitude. 

Get ready to delve into a world where little hands craft heartfelt expressions for the wonderful mothers in our lives. 

These Mothers Day crafts for Sunday School promise a delightful blend of creativity, learning, and joy, making each project a unique celebration of the beautiful bond between mothers and their children. 

Let the crafting adventure begin, and let’s make this Mother’s Day truly special!

Don’t have enough time to read? 

Here are three quick and delightful Mother’s Day crafts for Sunday School:

  • Prayer Cards – Have kids create personalized prayer cards expressing love and gratitude for their moms. Provide pre-cut cards, markers, and stickers for a quick yet heartfelt activity.
  • Bouquet of Blessings – Opt for a speedy yet meaningful craft by using pre-made paper flowers. Have children write or draw a quick blessing or appreciation note for their mothers and attach it to the flowers. 
  • Handprint Keepsake – Create a lasting memory by having children make a quick handprint craft. Use ready-made colored paper or paint for a speedy yet adorable keepsake. Add a sweet message like “High Five to Mom!” for an extra touch. Here’s a cute & fun idea to try.

Here’s a list of 39 Mothers Day crafts for Sunday School

different kids characters holding each letter of sunday school

1. Mother’s Day Prayer Cards:

Have children create personalized prayer cards for their mothers. Give them art supplies to write or draw their prayers, expressing gratitude and love.

2. Bouquet of Blessings:

Encourage kids to create a bouquet using paper flowers or handcrafted ones. On each flower, have them write or draw a blessing or something they appreciate about their mothers.

3. Handprint Keepsake:

Guide children in making a handprint craft using paint or colored paper. Write a sweet message on each handprint, such as “High Five to Mom!” to make a lasting keepsake.

4. Love Coupons:

Help kids make coupon booklets with redeemable acts of kindness or helpful tasks for their moms. This can include things like “Hug Coupon” or “Help with Chores”. Here are some more coupon ideas for moms.

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5. Bible Verse Cards:

Create small cards with uplifting Bible verses about love, kindness, or gratitude. Children can decorate these cards and give them to their mothers along with a personalized message.

6. Mosaic Cross Craft:

Engage children in making mosaic crosses using small colored paper squares. Attach the squares to a cross-shaped template, creating a beautiful piece of art with a Christian theme. Check out this tutorial for inspiration.

7. Storybook for Mom:

Provide materials for children to make a small storybook illustrating special moments or things they love about their mothers. They can add drawings and captions to each page, creating a cherished storybook.

8. Fruit of the Spirit Fingerprint Craft:

Focus on the “Fruit of the Spirit” mentioned in the Bible. Have children create fingerprint art for each fruit, connecting it with qualities they appreciate in their mothers, like love, joy, peace, and kindness. Find another alternative here.

9. Mother’s Day Puzzles:

Inspire kids to create puzzle pieces with personal messages or drawings. Moms can then assemble the puzzle and read the heartfelt messages from their children, adding an element of surprise and joy.

Two colorful handprint cards with flowers and hearts, a sweet and thoughtful gift for someone special.

10. Crown of Love:

Craft paper crowns for mothers with messages or drawings expressing love and appreciation. Children can wear these crowns during a special Mother’s Day celebration, making their moms feel like royalty.

11. God’s Love Handprint Craft:

Create handprints with a heart in the center, symbolizing God’s love for mothers.

12. Heartfelt Bookmark:

Craft bookmarks with heart shapes and include Bible verses about love and family. This functional gift serves as a reminder of the love shared within the family.

13. Fingerprint Flower Pot:

Decorate a flower pot with fingerprint flowers, with each petal expressing a special message or prayer. This craft combines creativity with a symbol of growth and beauty.

14. Angel Wings Handprint Craft:

Make angel wings using handprints and attach a sweet message about mothers being like guardian angels. This craft adds a touch of angelic symbolism to express appreciation.

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15. Proverbs 31 Bracelet:

Create beaded bracelets with Proverbs 31-inspired charms and beads. Each charm can represent different virtues of a godly woman, celebrating mothers’ qualities.

16. Mother’s Day Bible Verse Banner:

Design a banner with a Bible verse about mothers and family unity. This craft can serve as a decorative and uplifting piece for Mother’s Day celebrations.

17. Faithful Footprints:

Use footprints to create a pathway, with each step representing a virtue like love, patience, or kindness. This craft visually reinforces positive qualities associated with mothers.

18. Creation Collage:

Make a collage featuring pictures of mothers and children, emphasizing the idea that mothers are a special part of God’s creation. This craft celebrates the unique role of mothers in the family.

19. Love Bug Craft:

Create cute love bugs with hearts, wings, and antennas to symbolize the love between mothers and children. This fun and whimsical craft adds a playful element to Mother’s Day celebrations.

girl getting ready for rock painting

20. Gratitude Rocks:

Decorate small stones with messages of gratitude and place them in a decorative bag or box. This craft encourages children to express their thankfulness for their mothers in a creative way.

21. Mother’s Day Cross Stitch:

Introduce simple cross-stitch patterns with Mother’s Day themes. This craft allows children to create intricate and personalized gifts for their mothers.

22. Faithful Flowerpots:

Decorate flowerpots with Bible verses and plant flowers or herbs as a symbol of growth. This craft combines the beauty of nature with meaningful scriptures.

23. Heart Collage Card:

Create a card with heart-shaped cutouts filled with messages and drawings. This personalized card adds a heartfelt touch to Mother’s Day greetings.

24. Psalm 127 House Craft:

Craft a small house with the verse “Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain.” This craft reinforces the importance of faith and family unity.

25. Origami Dove Card:

Make origami doves carrying messages of love for mothers. The dove, often a symbol of peace and love, adds a thoughtful touch to the card.

26. Paper Plate Crown:

Decorate paper plates as crowns with heartfelt messages for mothers. This simple yet regal craft allows children to express their admiration for their moms.

27. Faithful Quilt Craft:

Create a “quilt” by attaching colorful squares with messages of love and appreciation. This collaborative craft symbolizes the unity and warmth within the family.

28. Crayon Art:

Melt crayons on canvas to create a vibrant and colorful piece of art symbolizing the brightness mothers bring to their children’s lives. This abstract and visually appealing craft adds a modern touch to Mother’s Day celebrations.

29. Creation Story Booklet:

Craft a small booklet depicting the creation story and highlighting the role of mothers in God’s plan. This educational and creative craft connects biblical teachings with the celebration of motherhood.

A vibrant mix of rubber bands with various designs, creating a colorful pile of stretchy goodness!

30. Mother’s Day Prayer Chain:

Create a paper chain with prayers for mothers, connecting each link with love and blessings. This collaborative craft involves the entire group, fostering a sense of community and shared appreciation for mothers.

31. God’s Love Bouquet:

Craft a bouquet with flowers representing different aspects of God’s love. Each flower can symbolize a unique quality, such as love, grace, and kindness.

32. Bible Verse Frame:

Decorate frames with Bible verses and place a photo or drawing inside. This craft provides a beautiful and personalized way to showcase a special memory with Mom.

33. Loom Bracelets:

Make loom bracelets with colors representing qualities like love, joy, and patience. These wearable crafts serve as tangible reminders of the virtues children appreciate in their mothers.

34. Stained Glass Cross Craft:

Design a stained glass cross with colorful tissue paper. This craft combines creativity with symbolism, creating a beautiful representation of faith and love.

35. Mother’s Day Puzzle Piece Frame:

Craft a frame using puzzle pieces, with each piece symbolizing a unique quality of mothers. Assembling the puzzle becomes a meaningful and enjoyable activity for moms.

36. Love Tree Craft:

Create a tree with heart-shaped leaves, each containing a message or drawing. This craft visually represents the growth and love within a family, with each leaf contributing to the overall beauty of the tree.

37. Psalm 23 Shepherd Craft:

Craft a shepherd and sheep to illustrate the comforting words of Psalm 23. This craft emphasizes the nurturing and protective role of mothers, symbolized by the shepherd.

38. Hug in a Mug:

Decorate mugs with handprints and messages like “A Hug in a Mug for Mom.” This functional and sentimental craft provides a practical gift for mothers, accompanied by a personal touch.

39. Mother’s Day Collage Cross:

Create a collage using pictures or cutouts that represent various aspects of a mother’s life and the love shared within the family. Arrange them in the shape of a cross to symbolize the importance of faith in the family and the love that binds them together.

Frequently asked questions for Mothers Day crafts for Sunday school

Mother's Day card with colorful flowers and pens, perfect for showing appreciation to mom.
🤔 What are some easy Mother’s Day crafts suitable for Sunday School?

Sunday School teachers and parents often seek simple yet meaningful crafts. The “Handprint Keepsake” and “Prayer Cards” are quick and require minimal materials, making them ideal for time-sensitive situations.

👍 How can I ensure the crafts align with Sunday School teachings?

Crafts like the “Fruit of the Spirit Fingerprint Craft” and “Creation Collage” are designed to incorporate biblical themes, allowing children to express their creativity while reinforcing important Sunday School lessons.

👶 Are there Mother’s Day crafts suitable for various age groups in Sunday School?

Absolutely! The suggested crafts, such as “Love Bug Craft” and “Creation Story Booklet,” can be adapted to suit different age groups. Teachers can simplify or add complexity based on the children’s age and abilities.

🛍️ What materials do I need for these crafts, and can I find them easily?

Most of the suggested crafts use common materials like paper, markers, and glue. You can easily find these at local craft stores or repurpose items you already have at home, making the crafts accessible and budget-friendly for Sunday School settings.


Four kids smiling and holding paper cutouts, posing for the camera with joy and excitement.

As we wrap up this creative journey of Mother’s Day crafts for Sunday School, I hope you’ve found inspiration for making this special day memorable for the incredible mothers in your life. Whether you’re a Sunday School teacher, a parent, or someone looking to add a touch of love to Mother’s Day, these crafts offer a perfect blend of creativity, faith, and gratitude.

Now, it’s your turn! We’d love to hear from you. In the comments below, share your favorite Mother’s Day crafts for Sunday School, or let us know which one you’re excited to try. Your ideas and experiences can spark inspiration for others on this joyous occasion.

Wishing you a Mother’s Day filled with love, laughter, and the warmth of shared moments with the amazing mothers around you. 

Happy Mothers Day crafting! 🌷💖


39 adorable crafts for Mother's Day in Sunday school. Get ready for some super cute and fun creations!
Mother's Day crafts for Sunday school: Kids creating handmade gifts for their moms with love and creativity.

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