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Personalized books for kids | Wonderbly 2

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Are you looking for personalized books for kids? I think Wonderbly is a fantastic solution for that. They also have some amazing father’s day gifts available. Keep on reading to see more information about these personalized books for kids.

Personalized books for kids

Wonderbly has something for all ages and all seasons:

  1. Baby & Toddler Books – 0 to 3 years old
  2. Kids Books – 3 to 6 years old
  3. Books – 6 years and up
  4. Books for moms and dads
  5. Activity Books
  6. Christmas Books
  7. Birthday Books
Personalized books for kids | Wonderbly 3

Personalized books for kids | Wonderbly 4

Why should you choose Wonderbly books?

  • Fantastic graphics
  • Good quality 
  • The covers are very sturdy, and the pages are very thick – so your child won’t break them easily
  • Educational texts that match day to day activities 
  • Illustrations your child will love
  • You can add a custom message if you want to
  • Besides the name, you can also edit the little character to match your child – select skin color and hair. 

Personalized review

I kindly got sent a couple of books to review, so in the next section, you’ll see more information and images about the books I chose.

Personalized books for kids | Wonderbly 5

I Love You This Much

This is such a cute book! It comes with 34 colorful pages and beautiful illustrations. I went for the hardcover, but they’ve also got the softcover.

Besides the name of the main character of the book (aka child’s name), you can also personalize the gender, hair, and skin color. I think it’s such a cool feature because you can re-create your child’s characteristics.

You can see more details, such as size, the book’s story, how it looks inside, and more images on their website.

You Are The Best Dad Ever

Are you looking for a custom Father’s day gift? Then this book is a fantastic choice. What makes it even better is the fact that you can add kids’ names in too (up to four titles).

This one’s available in hardcover only, and all the pages and illustrations are good quality.

Things you can personalize in this book:

  • the cover (choose between four designs)
  • dad’s name
  • kids names
  • dad’s qualities
Personalized books for kids | Wonderbly 10

A final note

I hope you found this helpful, and don’t forget to check out Wonderbly if you’re looking for some unique, thoughtful, and personalized book for a loved one.

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