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DIY fine motor skills activity for 2-3-year-olds (using cardboard)

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I am always on a hunt for activities, printables, and other things to do around the house with my son…

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I’ll never be the same, sometimes you’ll get a free printable or a DIY project, and other times, you’ll get a couple of ideas to try at home.

I understand that your child is probably at a different age than my son (nearly three yo). Therefore I’ll try to mix things up a little and come up with ideas for different age groups.

Are you excited about this series? I know I am! 

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diy tiny city board

 DIY fine motor skills activity idea

This week’s project is perfect for fine motor skills development – very straightforward, using materials you may already have at home.

diy tiny city board

So, the idea is to recreate a cityscape with roads, cars, and traffic lights. As you can see in the images, the traffic light is missing, because I didn’t have enough lids for it (we’re still collecting them), but even without the traffic lights, your child can find it entertaining.

You’ll need

  • large board (we recycled an old box)
  • colored cardboard paper (preferably a thicker one)
  • hot glue gun (or any other glue, but make sure it’s stable)
  • road washi tape
  • caps from plastic bottles (recycled ones)

How to do it

The first thing is to lay down the roads. Then draw out some cars on the colored cardboard (probably a little smaller, the cars I drew, were too big for this board, but let’s go with it, I’m terrible at drawing). After that, cut down the caps from the bottles (my husband helped me here). Use the caps to measure where the holes in the wheels are going to be.

Now that you have both the cars and the caps, it’s time to lay them out on the board and decide how you’ll place them out.

Use the hot glue to secure the caps onto the board, and that’s it. Your child can interchange the cars if he wants to.

The plan was to paint the caps, but it doesn’t look right, so I left them plain — one more reason why we didn’t add the traffic lights.

You can stop here, but it looked a little bare, so filled in with some clouds, a sun, and a couple of trees.

Once I have the caps for the traffic lights, I’ll add them too.

That’s it! A quick little project your little one will enjoy. Of course, you can recreate a different image, but I wanted to go with cars as my son loves them a lot.

If you decide to try out this project, please let me know, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Happy playing & see you next time.

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