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Looking for open-ended toys for 6 to 18 months old kids? I remember that when my son was at this age, I was always looking for open-ended, wooden, or Montessori toys.

Therefore, in this article, I’ll share some of our top favorite open-ended toys for 6 to 18 months old.

Wooden Cars

toys for 6 to 18 months old

Wooden Cars

You can never go wrong with a good old wooden car. Boys (not necessarily though, some girls love cars too) love them no matter their age. And if you ask them, they’ve never got enough cars in their toy collection. 

Unique Gift Guide for 6 to 18 months old 2

Racing Tracks

My son played with one of these Racing Tracks at a baby group we were going to when he was a baby. He loved it so much; therefore, I bought one as a Christmas present. Now that he’s older, we switched cars with marbles. It’s brilliant!


Puzzle Boards

Puzzles are entertaining and interactive toys for toddlers, even though they don’t know where all the pieces go. Toddlers love to experiment, and they are thrilled whenever they throw something on the floor – well, puzzles are great for that – throwing them all on the ground. I’m sure it’s fascinating for them, but for us, not necessarily. 

Besides all this fun, here’s what they develop & learn through playing with puzzles:

  • cognitive skills
  • fine motor development
  • problem-solving skills
  • hand-eye coordination
  • brain development

toys for 6 to 18 months old

Wooden Leaf Puzzle

I found this handmade leaf puzzle on Etsy, which is fantastic! There’s so much attention to detail. What a great way of learning about nature for your baby? It’s also a GREEN product – meaning that its materials are eco-friendly and bio. It’s always a bonus when it comes to children’s toys, especially if they can put them in their mouths.

Unique Gift Guide for 6 to 18 months old 3

Personalized Name Puzzle Board

These name boards are unique! I love that your little one can learn his name! Woodinout have so so many designs on their Etsy shop. It’s so hard to make a choice. 

Unique Gift Guide for 6 to 18 months old 4

Animal Body Match Maze

I bought my son a very similar animal maze board. He doesn’t get it, he doesn’t know how it works, but he plays with it a lot. I guess it’s a matter of time before he figures it out. 

Sorting & Stacking

These toys are not only perfect for developing fine motor skills but for flourishing early language development too. Besides, it’s super fun!
These types of toys come in various shapes, forms, and sizes, making it too difficult to choose.

At least, for me, it was. Because I love to support the handmade and DIY industry, I also included some of these. Hope you’ll find something that you’ll like.

toys for 6 to 18 months old

Wooden Colour Sorting Car

How cute this car looks? It’s one of those unusual cars that you can’t find in your local shop. I love that it combines both educational & fun activities which makes it perfect for any toddler to learn colors or to count while playing. Who doesn’t like that?!

Unique Gift Guide for 6 to 18 months old 5

Counting Shape Stacker

Another fun and colorful toy, perfect if you want your toddler to learn colors and numbers. Simple but very intuitive. However, I recommend it for older toddlers (2+ years).

Unique Gift Guide for 6 to 18 months old 6

Grimm’s Rainbow

When I first saw this one, I wasn’t sure what it was. After a closer look, I realized that’s very similar to a puzzle. Maybe it’s a little bit advanced for this age group, but you can give it a try. It’s brilliant as a decoration in the baby’s room. See here.

Unique Gift Guide for 6 to 18 months old 7

Shape Sorting Cube

This cube is one of the best toy-purchases we’ve made so far. My little one plays with it even now, after two years. Of course, we do different activities with it, something to consider buying for your child. I can guarantee that it’s super interactive and fun for your toddler. Useful for stacking or shape matching.

toys for 6 to 18 months old

Ring Pyramid

We have a ring stacker in our toy collection, and A loves it! To be honest with you I bought it from our local supermarket, super cheap.
That’s what I recommend you do too.
But if you are looking for something fancier or just more impressive, this is what I would go for.

Activity Boards & Toys

Here you’ll find all the toys that keep any toddler busy for a little while. We all know that you can’t keep a toddler still for more than 15-20 minutes. These are perfect for traveling, on a plane, or when you have some work in the kitchen.

Unique Gift Guide for 6 to 18 months old 8

See on Etsy for Girls

Unique Gift Guide for 6 to 18 months old 9

See on Etsy for Boys

Quiet book for toddlers

These are the perfect “keep your toddler busy” kind of book, hence the name of these – quiet book. I love how lovely and cute these books are.
However, I have to warn you, depending on the size, these can get expensive, but the books make a unique gift for a special boy or girl. So it’s so worth it!

toys for 6 to 18 months old

Activity Cube

Here’s another toy for keeping your child busy. It has lots of things to play with, and your child will never get bored of it.
My husband built something similar to this activity cube, but with different types of locks. My toddler loves it so much and plays with it every day. So definitely a good investment.

Unique Gift Guide for 6 to 18 months old 10

Latches Board

We have something very similar to this one here, and I have to say that I am very impressed by how entertained my son is by this activity board. He loves his little school with tiny toys. These boards are another cool way of introducing new words and stimulate speech development.


Building toys help your child develop fine motor skills, improve creativity, mental stimulation, and flourish math and vocabulary skills. In short – all the good stuff your baby needs to exceed later in life.

Unique Gift Guide for 6 to 18 months old 11

Building Blocks

You can never go wrong with building blocks. Nowadays, the market is full of them; all you have to do is choose one. I’ll repeat what I said about the ring stacker – another cheap toy that is in every corner. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on them unless you want to give it as a gift.
Honestly, it took me 16 months to buy a building set for my son. Why? Because I already had a Jenga game at home, so I found it pointless. However, I did end up buying one. This one had various colors and shapes, whereas Jenga pieces are just raw.

See it on Etsy here!

Unique Gift Guide for 6 to 18 months old 12

Lego Duplo

Lego is a very trendy toy not only for kids but for adults too. Lego created Lego Duplo, which is perfect for smaller kids. It has bigger pieces and does not come with small parts that can be a choking hazard for small children.
We have the one in the picture, and we love it!
My son plays a lot with it, and it’s so fun to recreate the little figurines.

Unique Gift Guide for 6 to 18 months old 13

Magnetic Building Blocks

Another building toy that might be a little too advanced for a 12-month-old toddler, but it doesn’t matter. It’s so fun to play with magnets. My son adores this magnetic building set – he plays daily with it.
At least my son loves magnets. I bought him a magnetic board with magnetic letters, numbers, and animals. He loves them so much!
So that’s why I thought of buying one of these sets too. It was a huge hit! So indeed, you might want to add it to your shopping list.


Here you’ll find some other awesome toys that didn’t have a particular category to include them in. These are perfect to learn and explore the real world through toys and play.

Unique Gift Guide for 6 to 18 months old 14

Pounding Bench

This toy is perfect for any little boy. A loves to play with daddy’s tools; therefore, some toy tools are a must-have in our home.

Unique Gift Guide for 6 to 18 months old 15

Musical Instruments

Musical instruments are super important in your toddler’s life. They ignite all the areas of your child’s development and skills through which body and mind work together to learn more about words, sounds, rhythm, and lots of others. So it’s always a good idea to incorporate them into your toddler’s life.

Unique Gift Guide for 6 to 18 months old 16

Crochet Veggies

I found a cute and fun way to teach your toddler about fruits and veggies. They can see them, touch them, and even “eat” them if they want to. 

These can get a little expensive, so if you are looking for something very unique. See here.


These are all the open-ended toys for 6 to 18 months old babies. I hope you found it helpful.

Do you have other ideas? Please share them in the comments!

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