17+ Simple Spring Activities for Kids and Family

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Here is a list of 17+ easy and fun spring activities for kids and families!

You’ll find some fantastic spring activities for the whole family to enjoy, including spring sensory activities, spring flower crafts, spring colouring pictures, spring treasure hunt ideas and many outdoor and garden activities. 

Are you in a hurry?

Spring activities for kids and families at a glance:

Spring activities for kids

kids looking through a magnifying glass at a butterfly. spring activities for kids

For your convenience, I’ve separated these spring-themed activities into different categories. I hope you’ll find your favourite a lot faster, too. 

9 Outdoor and garden activities for kids

Spring is here, and it’s time to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors with your family! With the right activities, your kids can have fun while learning about nature, exploring the world around them, and developing their physical skills. 

From scavenger hunts to gardening activities, these outdoor activities will keep your kids engaged and excited about spending time in nature. 

Here are some fun and practical outdoor spring activities for kids you can try out:

  1. Planting seeds – this is one of my son’s favourites. We do this activity every single Spring, and he doesn’t get bored. 
  2. Spring scavenger hunt – I put together a fun spring scavenger hunt PDF for you. Download here. 
  3. Outdoor obstacle course – check out the below video for some cool outdoor obstacle course ideas for kids
  1. Visit a local farm
  2. Have a picnic in the park 
  3. Go Bird-Watching 
  4. Make a Mud Pie – since kids love playing with mud, here’s a cool idea for your little one to try out
  5. Go on a nature walk
  6. Insect safari aka insect watching – for some fantastic results, consider taking a magnifying glass or one of those portable microscopes

6 Spring Sensory Activities

boys looking through a magnifying glass

It’s no secret that kids learn through their sensors, so here’s a list of spring sensory activities that will boost your child’s senses.

  1. Spring Scented Sensory Bottles. Let’s make sensory bottles filled with things like flower petals, herbs, or citrus slices, along with water or clear gel. You’ll close the lids tightly, and then you can shake and watch what’s inside, exploring the sights, sounds, and smells of spring.
  2. Butterfly Life Cycle Exploration – I have a fun idea for you to try! Your little one can learn about the life cycle of butterflies. You’ll need some books, pictures, and models for them to look at. You can even set up a butterfly garden or visit a local butterfly conservatory to see caterpillars, chrysalises, and butterflies up close.
  3. Garden sensory bin – Create a miniature garden sensory bin using a shallow container or tray filled with potting soil or kinetic sand. You’ll add small gardening tools, seeds, pebbles, and miniature plants or artificial flowers. Your child can dig, plant, and explore the sensory elements of gardening while pretending to care for their own garden plot.
  4. Flower Petal Play-Dough – How about mixing homemade play dough with flower petals for a sensory-rich experience? Children can squish, mould, and shape the play dough while enjoying the natural scents and textures of the petals.
  5. Bird Feeding Station – Set up a bird feeding station in your backyard with different types of bird feeders and birdseed. Children can observe birds as they come to feed, listen to their songs and watch their behaviours while connecting with nature.
  6. Texture Exploration – Gather a variety of textured materials such as sandpaper, velvet fabric, bubble wrap, and cotton balls. Let your child touch and explore these textures, describing how each one feels and noting any differences they observe.

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24 Creative Spring-Themed Art Projects

kids planting in the garden

As the weather warms up, it’s a great opportunity for preschoolers to engage in creative activities that will help them learn about the world around them. With some simple materials and supplies, you can create fun spring crafts and activities that will keep your little ones entertained for hours! 

From making paper flowers to creating spring-themed crafts and art projects, there are plenty of ways to get your kids excited about the season. So let’s have a look at some of the best spring crafts you can do with your preschoolers this year!

  1. I absolutely love this idea from Mimosas & Motherhood. I’ll definitely try this one out too! Learn how to make coffee filter butterflies here.
  2. Do you need a keepsake craft or a gift to give to grandparents? Why not create a handprint flower craft?
  3. Does your child love colouring? Have a look at these Spring Colouring Cards for Kids
  4. This cute little DIY project is perfect for all the frog lovers out there. You get a free template as well! Check it out here.
  5. If you have lots of egg cartons hanging around your home, why not make a flower crown with them? Check it out here.
  6. Here’s an excellent name craft idea to help your child learn how to spell their name using this bee name craft.
  7. If you’re looking to find paper plate crafts, here’s a simple one using pompoms and noodles.
  8. Do you have kids who love lacing? Check this Spring-Themed Lacing Cards out. Comes with free printable templates as well!
  9. This easy origami card is fun to make and give away.
  10. Let your child explore more about insects with this colourful butterfly-shaped craft. Comes with a free printable template as well. 
  11. This activity idea is great to practice your little one’s fine motor skills. The cool thing about this craft is that the materials you need you might already have at home.
  12. Looking for adorable DIY projects that involve recycling materials? Check out the Toilet Paper Roll Frog Craft, which comes with a free template as well.
kids playing in the mud
  1. Take painting to the next level by painting with flowers! Kids will have lots of fun. Works even better when you have older flowers you’re about to throw away.
  2. Just in time for Spring. Get your free printable flowerpot template and craft away.
  3. Learn how to make this cute Bumblebee craft for kids with a toilet paper roll tube. This easy bee craft is a great spring craft that can also inspire children to learn about Bees and pollination.
  4. How about a springtime scavenger hunt for preschoolers? Here’s a nature scavenger hunt printable idea.
  5. Have a look at these Spring-Themed Colour by Number Pages for Kids.
  6. These free spring activity sheets and colouring pages come in a bundle containing a word scramble, a crossword, and two colouring pages to spark children’s imaginations! 
  7. Did you know you can grow your own rainbow? Learn how it works here.
  8. Learn how to make this cute cupcake case flower picture today.
  9. Beautiful Spring Flowers Tulip Paper Craft for Kids to Make with free printable stencil
  10. Here’s a fun rainbow cloud craft for all rainbow fans out there.
  11. If you’re looking for a fun and easy butterfly craft for preschoolers, check this one out.
  12. Let your little one have fun with rock painting!

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7 Spring snack ideas for kids

bear made out of pancakes surrounded by an apple, peanut butter and nuts

After all the crafting and activities, we all need a snack, right? Here are some cute and delicious spring snack ideas for kids and families: 

  1. OREO dirt cups with gummy worms
  2. Strawberry Ladybugs 
  3. No Bake Apple Doughnuts 
  4. Frozen Banana Yogurt Pops
  5. May Flower Pudding Snack Packs
  6. Cute Butterfly Snacks
  7. Flower Garden Graham Crackers


boy lying on the grass wearing yellow sunglasses

In conclusion, spring is a wonderful time for families to bond and create lasting memories together. 

Whether you’re planting seeds in the garden, crafting flower-themed art projects, or enjoying outdoor games and activities, there are plenty of ways to embrace the beauty of the season. 

By engaging in these simple and fun spring activities, you can foster creativity, learning, and exploration while enjoying quality time with your loved ones. So, get outside, soak up the sunshine, and make the most of this vibrant and exciting time of year!

What is your favourite craft to do with your children and why? Would love to chat in the comments about this.

FAQ for Spring Activities for Kids

little boy building a fire
What is the most popular spring activity?

One of the most popular spring activities is gardening. Many families enjoy planting flowers, vegetables, or herbs together during the springtime.

What games can you play in spring?

In spring, you can play a variety of outdoor games such as tag, hide and seek, hopscotch, Frisbee, and soccer. These games are perfect for enjoying the warmer weather and getting active outdoors.

Can kids of all ages participate in these spring activities?

Yes, these activities are suitable for children of different ages, from toddlers to pre-teens.

How can I make these activities educational for my kids?

Many of the activities provide learning opportunities. Kids can learn about plants, butterflies, and more through hands-on experiences.

What safety precautions should I take for outdoor activities?

Keep an eye on your kids, protect them from the sun, use insect repellent, and ensure the play area is safe.

Can I adapt these activities for kids with special needs?

Yes, many activities can be modified. For example, sensory bins can be adjusted, and outdoor activities can be tailored to individual needs.

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