10 Good Habits for an Organized Mom Life

10 Good Habits for an Organized Mom Life 2

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Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, working mom, or somewhere in between, creating an organized lifestyle can help make motherhood more manageable. Here are tried-and-true methods for creating an organized mom life – from setting up systems for childcare and meal planning to develop a consistent cleaning routine.

To be completely honest with you, I am not the most organized mom in this entire world, but I am trying to be better and more organized. If not, I won’t be able to raise a toddler, have a work-from-home job, take care of the house, cook, clean, run a blog, and many other things.

I assume you are struggling with time and looking for ways to improve your lifestyle or healthy habits that will help you achieve a more organized mom life.

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How to have an organized mom life?

1. Believe in Yourself

This is the first step towards a more organized life. You have to believe in yourself – that you can do it. And you can become whatever you want to.

Having the proper mindset is important too. If you consider yourself an organized person, that’s probably TRUE.

2. Time is Precious

Oh, time! Time flies away from us and we can’t get it back no matter what we do. That’s why you have to do whatever it takes to don’t waste it.

I know that sometimes all you want to do is to sit on the couch and watch Netflix. It’s OK! It’s normal! That’s what I do sometimes. Just make sure you don’t make it a habit.

If you need a little push or motivation, ask yourself this: “Does sitting and watching Netflix bring you money?” That’s what I use as a motivation and it’s working perfectly.

3. Create healthy habits

You can do many things to help you become more organized. You just have to acknowledge them and put them into action. My main issue is that I developed some bad habits over the years and unfortunately they are a huge time waster (eg. watching Netflix).

If you’re struggling with bad habits and you want to work on developing healthy habits, I highly recommend Atomic Habits – I absolutely loved this book and I’ve learned so much from it.

For your convenience, I listed below 10 habits I do on a daily basis that will keep me on top of my to-do list, a happier and more organized mom and woman. 

organized mom life

Healthy Habits for an Organized Mom Life

If you want to become an organized mom, you must develop healthy habits and integrate them into your lifestyle. This is valid for the ENTIRE family. 

1. Wake up earlier 

I have to confess that I can’t do it every single day. Mainly because I am a blogger and I tend to stay up late after my son goes to bed.

My working window is during naps or nighttime only. So I always try to get the most out of them! 

But if you could find a way to wake up before your baby or toddler, it’s a great way to accomplish more and do more things throughout the day.

Whenever I manage to wake up earlier I feel more productive and I feel like I have plenty of time to do other things too. 

2. Plan out your day the night before

I love planning! But I don’t really have much time for it anymore. So I found that if you plan your day the night before it’s much better: 

  • You don’t need more than a couple of minutes to plan out your next day
  • Everything is fresh in your mind
  • You clear out your mind before going to bed.

3. Start a Journal

My favorite way or type of planning is a bullet journal. Simply because there are no rules and I can keep it as simple or as complex as I want.

The most important thing about the bullet journal is that you don’t have to be an artist to start one.

All you need to get started is a notebook and a pen. Anything else doesn’t matter and it’s just personal preference.
I have a first-impression-type post about it. So if you’d like to know more, feel free to check it out here.

4. Create a Daily To-Do List

Who doesn’t love lists?! I like to cross out things whenever I’m done with a certain task. So satisfying!

And… If you keep lists, you will never forget your to-dos anymore and you’ll have a much clearer mind. Not sure about you, but if I don’t write down my thoughts and ideas, I find myself constantly thinking about them. Once I write it down, I “move on” 🙂
I have lists everywhere: 

  • Shopping lists
  • Meal planning
  • To-do lists
  • Blog post ideas
  • And lots more

I find them extremely helpful! So if you’ve never ever had lists before, I highly recommend trying them out.

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5. Work when your child sleeps

Have you heard this one? As a first-time mom, all I heard people saying is “sleep while your baby sleeps”. I just couldn’t do it, therefore I had to do something else instead.

It’s always a good idea to schedule your working time whenever your little one sleeps, especially if you don’t have any help regarding childcare.

That’s why I do it as well. When my son was a baby (he’s 5 years old now) my husband (now ex-husband) was at work and I used to be alone with my baby all day.

So in order to be able to do stuff around the house or work on my blog, I had to do them during nap times.

6. Set up Reminders 

This one is essential. Why? Because, when you don’t have plenty of time at your disposal and you have to squeeze in a lot of things in less time, you can easily forget stuff. So it’s important to stay focused and on track by setting up reminders.

Also, moms tend to be forgetful anyway! Blame it on “baby brain” haha.

It’s so welcomed when you see a reminder on your phone and you know what you have to do.

7. Minimize Distractions and time wasters

Another essential for you is to identify and eliminate your time wasters. Nowadays there are sooooo many distractions (aka Netflix, TikTok, notifications, etc) around us. With notifications at every corner, you can easily get distracted.

And whenever you get distracted you lose your focus. That’s because your brain takes a much longer period of time to refocus.

I have some free resources and tips in my FREE mini productivity challenge. So feel free to check it out!

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8. Create a routine and stick to it

Routines are super important, especially if you are a mommy. Babies and toddlers love them. That’s how they know what’s about to happen. That’s how they learn about time. 

So make sure that you create one for yourself and your family. Don’t forget to stick to it. 

If you are a visual person, you can print it and stick it to your fridge. You will always see it and that piece of paper will keep you motivated. 

9. Stop Multitasking

You’re going to tell me that multitasking is the only way you get stuff done. 

Well…Let me tell you that switching back and forth between tasks not only will only slow you down but will also decrease your productivity.

Generally, the human brain is meant to be focused on one thing at a time so multitasking is not really beneficial in this case.

10. Daily Laundry

Laundry can get very crazy in our household. So in order to stay on top of my laundry, I need to do them daily or a maximum of 2 days apart. If I skip a day, I have so much that I can’t keep up.

My main problem is that we don’t own a drier and we air dry all of our clothes. So if I don’t have clothes to wash, I have clothes hanging or ones that need folding or put away. 

A Final Note

There you have it. This article encompasses all the things I do to be an organized mom. As I said in the beginning if I don’t stick to these “rules” I fail and don’t get things done.

I highly recommend you try at least 3 of this list of 10 habits and I can guarantee that you will see a massive difference.

Good luck!

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