Teach new words in a fun way using this easy method

teach new words

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Recently updated on March 3rd, 2023 at 01:52 pm

Teaching new words may be a little challenging for some of us. I recently started incorporating some new teaching sessions into my son’s routine. Therefore today, I am sharing these ideas with you because I noticed he was very interested.

My son’s nearly three years old, and I believe that at this age, kids can learn more if things are more exciting and fun for them. I hope you’ll find this idea helpful.

teach new words

What’s the teaching method

It’s effortless – choose a word or a topic each day and gather your materials around that word. Be creative and use whatever you have on hand.

Last time, our word was lion. So I went on a hunt for resources such as books, puzzles, toys that had something to do, or featured a lion.

Honestly, this took me around half an hour to gather all my resources.

How set it up

Once you have all your materials and resources you want to use, the setup is quite easy. See my post from Instagram if you need inspiration.

At first, it looks a little crowded, but it’s not. I wanted to have a visual aspect of the activity as well as the hand-on part, where my son had to do things and get involved.


Materials used

As you can see, I used various materials and resources – suitable for visual, hearing, and motricity. The below list is just an example of the things I used and already had at home. Some of the items listed are similar because I bought ours offline or in a different language.




Educational Supplies

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