What to pack in a Mommy & Toddler Carry-On + Checklist

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Not sure what to pack in your toddler’s carry-on when traveling?

I think this is a great post for me to write at this point in time because we just flew to my parents’ house, so everything is still warm.

Please keep in mind that for this trip we didn’t have cabin luggage because I sent it via post a week before. So in this list, you’ll see things that you wouldn’t have if you have extra cabin luggage.

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If you are looking for a travelling bag checklist for a younger baby, I already have one that you can check out here:

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What’s in my travel bag?

My hand luggage is from IT Luggage. It’s the “World’s lightest suitcase!” and I have to agree with that.

When it’s empty the total weight is 1.6kg. In terms of the size, it’s the maximum allowance on board for most airlines – 55cm – 40cm – 22cm.

Which is great because you have more room, but you can easily go over the 10kg, the maximum weight airlines accept for hand luggage. What I also love about my luggage is the wheels.

Not sure about you, but I always look at the quality and size of them. In the past I had a lot of trouble with cheap and poor quality suitcases, so now I always look at quality.

I don’t think I packed too much, but I went a little bit over my maximum weight. Didn’t have any issues with it though. I went straight to the boarding gate where no one is going to weigh your luggage. Plus I had the buggy with us.

Another thing I love about this particular luggage is that it has outside compartments. HUGE bonus for travelling. You constantly need smaller things from your luggage that can get easily lost in the big compartment.

So I like to keep small things that I need quite often in there:

  • my wallet
  • passports
  • wipes & tissues
  • hand sanitizer
  • on-board pillow (mine is inflatable)
it luggage main compartment. what's in my toddlers travel bag

Ok, so now, let’s see what’s inside the biggest compartment. There are a few things that weren’t in the luggage, I added them right before we left the house, but I included them in the list below.

Please note, some of the links on this post are affiliates. You can rest assured that all the products I list are the ones I use and love a lot. For more info please click here.

  • my toddler’s nappy changing pouchI’ve got a more in-depth article about this here
  • my clear liquids pouch – in here I’ve got my L’Oreal True Match Foundation, a perfume and a few things for my son such as saline nose drops, a couple of mini-bottled physiological serum, vitamin D3 and some Aloe First from Forever Living.
  • an electric nasal aspirator – which I absolutely adore. I’ve got a similar one to this one.
  • normal glasses & sunglasses (just in case, it’s winter where I go, so not sure if I would use them)
  • my makeup bag – full of makeup, brushes and hair accessories
  • a change of clothes for my son in case he has a little accident
  • few of clothes for me that I forgot to add in the parcel I already sent.
  • other documents – a declaration from my husband that I can travel with my son (it’s required for where I am from, so don’t panic, this might not be relevant for you)
  • my son’s Red Book – in the UK is a record book that has all the developmental information about your baby
  • an extra blanket – you never know what you might need a blanket for. We use the ones from Aden + Anais and they are our favourites. They are so versatile and last really long.
  • laptop & charger
  • portable power bank for my phone
  • phone & charger
  • my SONY Alpha 5100 & extra battery + charger

What’s in my Toddler’s travel bag?

This contains all the entertainment and food for my little one.

Not to worry, I won’t make him carry it. He can barely “carry” himself. I just wanted a place where to put all his toys & food.

Because it’s a lot smaller than my IT luggage, I can put it under the seat in front of me, so that I have easy access for what he might need during the flight.

food for toddlers, plasmon biscuits, sandwich, ella's kitchen, banana, grapes, fromage frais pouches


toddler activities and toys


  • a colouring book
  • a small book
  • his learning laptop from Leapfrog– which I absolutely adore and my son loves it too
  • DIY Toddler Busy Pouches – I created this one, I plan on doing a separate article for this one, so I won’t go into a lot of details now

A final note

This is everything I pack for me and my toddler when travelling just the two of us.

I want to travel as light as possible, especially with a toddler.

What about you?

What do you normally pack for when you’re travelling with your toddler? Please share them in the comments.

Until next time, take care & stay beautiful!

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what to pack in a mommy and toddler carry on, luggage, travel bag

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