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The best online educational games for kids of all ages

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Are you still looking for online educational games for kids? If you are anything like me, you’d first let your child do something productive or educational during screen time. Today I am sharing with you the best games for online learning that will make this lockdown easier for everyone. 

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Online educational games for toddlers and pre-schoolers

ABC Mouse – it’s an online learning academy for kids from 2 to 8 years old. You get instant access to more than 9000 games and activities in various subjects such as Math, Science, Reading, and Art. It comes with a free 30-day trial. 

Help with: Math, Science, Reading, and Art 

Cbeebies, from BBC – has a lot of games for the little ones. Your child can explore through games, puzzles, or quizzes. 

Help with: communication, emotions, and behaviors; maths and puzzles; physical movements; understanding the world; music and art.

ABCya Games – is another fun online game platform where you’ll find a variety of subjects. You’ll find games for older kids too.

Help with: art, music, math, science, language, and typing. 

Learning shapes from Turtle Diary – is perfect for your toddler to learn more about figures and how they look in real life. Turtle Diary has a variety of games for kids from preschool to 5th grade. 

Help with: geometry, shape recognition.

Happy Clicks – a comfortable place for little kids. Choose from a variety of puzzle games, coloring pages, memory games, and more. They even have videos available on YouTube. 

Help with: problem-solving, memory, art. 

Cool Math 4 Kids – online Math heaven, where little kids can learn math while playing. All the games are created for kids ages 3-12. 

Help with: Maths 

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Online Educational Games for over five years old

Culinary Schools – has a large variety of online games, which are all about cooking, fruits, and veggies. Your child can also learn more about farming, how restaurants work, and others. 

Here are some of the game categories:

  • Cooking and kitchen work
  • Food education games
  • Serving eaters
  • Farms, animals & farming
  • Other fun food-themed games

Help with: cooking

Turtle Diary – as I mentioned earlier, this platform has a variety of games for a variety of age groups. Some of their categories are:

  • Addition games
  • Verb games
  • Typing games
  • Adjective games
  • Math games
  • Animal games 
  • Lots more. 

Check out their website for more.

Help with: reading, typing, maths

Scholastic – is an excellent resource for learning at home. Find games from pre-K to high school. 

Help with: reading, thinking, and growing.

National Geographic Kids – has a gaming section. Filled with quizzes and memory games makes it a great learning tool for older kids. 

Help with: memory testing and general knowledge.

Cool Math – is related with the Cool Maths 4 Kids website. However, the first one contains harder games and is created for older kids, ages 12+.

Help with: Maths

Fun Brain – a gorgeous website with games for slightly older kids. You can browse by grade (pre-K to grade 8) or by type, including games, videos, and books. 

Help with: reading, maths 

Learning Games for Kids – covers a large variety of subjects (around 19 topics). It’s a site filled with interactive games that all the kids will enjoy. 

Help with: math, animals, literature, and lots more.

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