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Today I wanted to share a little story with you. I feel like I needed to get it off my chest. Maybe I’ll actually stop thinking about it that much. 

Ever since I started working, I feel like my toddler hates me or maybe he just punishes me – for going back to work, for not playing enough with him, for not having enough patience sometimes and for shouting. Even though these don’t happen very often (especially the shouting bit), I can tell he’s not happy.

toddler hates me

Whenever I and my husband are around he prefers him… It’s like I don’t exist. This breaks my heart and doesn’t know what did I do wrong. 

Suddenly the mom guilt kicked in and I feel awful… but I feel like there are some things I can’t control. 

There are things he doesn’t allow me to do – kiss him, hold him, change his nappy or clothes, etc, whereas when his daddy does all these things, he is not complaining. 

I read somewhere that toddlers develop preference towards one of the parents and that’s just a phase. But this has been happening since June and I can’t seem to deal with it. 

Whenever I am alone with him and he refuses me or pushes me away, I don’t get it and immediately start crying. Lots of things are coming in my mind –

  • does he love me?
  • is this just a phase?
  • did I do something wrong?
  • is there something I can do to improve things?

I am sure that I am not the only mom going through this phase but that’s how I feel at the moment. 

I am trying to understand him, but then again, sometimes I don’t get it.

Did this ever happen to you? Do you have any tips to overcome this phase?

If so please share them in the comments. 

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