7 Amazing Toys your 6 months old really needs

7 Amazing Toys your 6 months old really needs 2

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7 Amazing Toys your 6 months old really needs 3

Today I have something different on my blog! It’s a collaboration with Heather from WineOnAWednesday.com How cool is her blog name?!

Before I leave you to this lovely lady’s article, I wanted to address a HUGE “thank you” to Heather for being here!

I’ll leave you with Heather now.

Thanks so much to Kinga for allowing me to post on her lovely blog!! It’s just for the one post, but she’s oh so nice for letting me do it. Her article is here on my blog. 

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When I was pregnant with Liam, toys were honestly the last thing on my brain. I was thinking about diapers and setting up the nursery, and getting his clothes organized.  It was only a few months ago that I realized: hey, I need more toys! That’s when I started asking around to other mama’s what they recommended and if they had any toys they wanted to get rid of. Luckily, I know some very generous people and I got a wonderful assortment of toys!

And just in time because now that Liam is almost 7 months old, he is really interested in everything around him. I’ve picked up on his favourite toys and which ones really challenge him.

This list is not all-encompassing by any means, but I think it’s a good start. I know I was clueless when it came to which toys I needed and a list like this is exactly what I went looking for!

 I tried to keep the list a little more generalized, too. That way you can find what works for you (budget wise, what’s available, etc)!

7 Amazing Toys your 6 months old really needs 4

1. Anything with a mirror

Liam LOVES looking in a mirror. We have the Infantino Twist n’ Fold Gym Playmat and it comes with a little mirror that you can attach by a ring. This makes it easy to move around so he doesn’t get bored with it in the same spot. The Bright Starts Sit and See Safari Floor Mirror is also great because it’s portable, have other things about them like colours and shapes, and prop up nicely. He thinks it’s so funny to see another baby in the mirror! Upon doing a little research, I found that babies and mirrors go well together. Mirrors help babies explore, focus, and mirrors promote social and emotional development.

2. Any sort of play gym

Play gyms/mats are great because there’s so much to them. Dangling toys, rings, mirrors, colours, and textures. All these are GREAT for little babies of this age. It really gets their brain going and helps develop their fine and gross motor skills. Plus, babies can play on their tummy or their back (if the mat has dangly stuff). The Infantino Twist and Fold Activity Gym Playmat it’s great because you can switch out the toys.

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3. Stacking cups

I love these because you don’t even need to necessarily buy any special cups. You may already have cups that stack at home. You could even use bowls! If you do want to buy some specifically for this, I recommend the stacking cups from The First Years. We got some as a hand-me-down and they are still in perfect condition! Again, these are wonderful because they allow your baby to practice fine motor skills. Plus, if the cups are different colours, you can take the opportunity to point them out, which will help vocabulary.

7 Amazing Toys your 6 months old really needs 5

4. Discovery baskets

This is not a singular toy, per se. I got this idea from an article a few months back and I’m so glad I took it to heart. I put together a little basket full of different items for Liam to play with. The idea is to fill the basket with things of different materials, textures, sizes, and colours. Then you put the basket in front of your little one and let him/her take the things out and discover them. Motor skills are tested here, as well as awakening their sense for different textures! I have a piece of felt, a wooden spoon, a square of knitted fabric, a metal spoon (large enough he can’t choke on it), a ceramic bear, a toilet paper roll, and a random crinkly fish toy. This was totally free as I just picked stuff up from around my house. I only pull it out once a week so he doesn’t get bored with it. It’s probably one of his favourite things!

5. Ring Stack

I think we all remember this as a kid! And it hasn’t gone out of style. They are everywhere, which I think is great because the baby will have to figure out how to put them back in order. While that may be a little advanced for a 6-month-old, they’ll get it eventually. Honestly, Liam just loves knocking it over and watching the plastic rings go everywhere. Then he does what he loves doing best: grabbing a ring and chewing on it.

baby rattle

6. Rattles

Rattles are simple but effective. Try to choose one that’s colourful, has different textures, and makes a sound (obviously). We have this rattle and Liam absolutely loves it because it checks all the boxes. These will all awaken your baby’s senses and allow him to grasp different parts of it. Rattles are great for helping babies practice holding things and passing them between hands – a great skill for a 6-month-old!

7. Jumperoo

While these take up a bit of space, I recommend getting one if you can. Strengthening leg muscles is important and this helps with that. There’s stuff all around so baby can truly be entertained for quite a while. There are lights and sounds and stuff high up and down low. These things really have it all and help baby with so many different things. Grasping, fine and gross motor skills, focusing, and cause and effect. We recently started using ours and he loves it!

As I said before, this is definitely not an all-encompassing list, but the things we use and enjoy. I highly recommend checking some of these out and seeing how your baby reacts.

Mama’s, what are your baby’s favourite toys?! Tell me in the comments!

7 Amazing Toys your 6 months old really needs 6

In this article, you’ll find 7 educational toys for 6 months old. Necessarry for your child’s early learning and development.

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