The ULTIMATE List of Awesome Freebies for New Moms

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Are you looking for stunning freebies for new moms that can totally change your life? Maybe a little too dramatic, but very true. Having a newborn it’s a lifechanging time and your whole family needs some time to adjust. You’ll see that you won’t have a lot of time anymore. Therefore I partnered up with some amazing bloggers and collected a bunch of FREEBIES (42 to be exact) you can use from pregnancy all the way to toddlerhood.

I absolutely adore freebies and I love using them even more. If you see something you like, just click on the image or link and you’ll be redirected to the blogger’s page where you can find more info about how you can download the freebie they are offering.

What are the best freebies for new moms out there?

Here’s a list of the best freebies for new moms I could find on the web. I hope you will get the most out of this list. You’ll find checklists, podcasts, how to get free baby products, coloring pages for moms, cooking course for parents and kids and lots more.

Before we dive in, here’s my FREE Resource Library for Moms


In this category, you’ll find useful free printables to help you stay on track while pregnant. This is essential especially if you are pregnant with your first child. You have lots of questions and I believe that these printables are there to guide you.

Hospital Bag Checklists & Signs

I remember when I was pregnant with my son, I had no clue what I need in the hospital. I got my inspiration from blogs and channels on YouTube, so I think you’d find these useful too.

Free Products & Giveaways

There are a lot of ways to put your hands on free products or samples. Lots of stores have them, you just need to look for them in the right place. In this section, you’ll find you can find these free stuff.

Advice for Moms

In this section, you’ll find useful information about motherhood, parenting, and how-tos.

Style & Home

Style is important too, even in pregnancy or postpartum. It can help keep your sanity. Take a look at these freebies, if you need further assistance


Postpartum care is very important, not only for your body but for your mental health too. Take a look at some of these amazing free help provided by some amazing women.

Diaper Bag

When it comes to bags and what’s inside every woman is different. Diaper bags are no different, but I am always curious to see what other moms have in their own diaper bags. It’s even better when it comes with a cute little checklist that I could print out for reference.


Breastfeeding for the first time can be very challenging especially if you have no idea what you are doing. When I was pregnant with my son I thought I didn’t need anything to prepare for breastfeeding because I thought that breastfeeding it’s the most natural thing to do and many women have done it over the years, so what can be so difficult? Well… A LOT! Please take a look at this free stuff and try to document yourself as much as you can. You’ll be glad you did!

Memories & Wall Decorations

In this section, you will find some cute and fun nursery decorations, photography signs, milestone cards and many more.

Planners & Organizers

Having a newborn will completely change your life. Especially in those first few months, you’ll need a lot of time to adjust and having a planner or some type of organization will totally come in handy. Take a look at some of these printable planners and organizers down below.


Courses are a great way for anyone to learn something new! Take a look at this cooking class for moms that will teach you how to cook with a child. You’ll get a free 14-day trial!


When it comes to traveling, with a child, things get different, use the below freebie to learn what to pack when you travel with your child. I have one of these travel packing lists in my own Resource Library, so don’t forget to check it out too.

Printables for Babies, Toddler or Kids

Here you’ll find flashcards or activities to do at home with your child.

Meal Planning

No time to cook? Consider having a meal planner, it’s a total lifesaver…

Mompreneur Inspiration

Are you looking into starting a new business or want to start a blog? Find here useful freebies to help you start a successful digital career.

Resource Library

It contains various printables and freebies for first-time moms or just mommies in general. It’s worth taking a look and decide what you want to download.

Childcare Advice & Resources

Looking into hiring a nanny? Take a look at this section for useful information and questions to ask when looking for your ideal nanny.

Routine Charts & Printables

Babies love routines, so if you want to start your own, but have no idea where to start, you can use some of these as inspiration.

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