Since I knew I was pregnant I wanted to take as many bump shots as possible. That’s how I ended up filming few minutes every week (almost) of my lovely belly in order to capture my pregnancy transformation. I also have a video of it, that you can watch it here or towards the end of this post. 

Women bodies are truly remarkable and I still cannot believe that a tiny little person came out of my womb. I love how amazing nature is and the fact that we can conceive other tiny humans surprises me even more. 

Because every person’s body is different and therefore every pregnancy is different, I wanted to share my own version of pregnancy transformation.  I really love watching these type of videos and I hope you’ll like it as well. 

But before you go further, I am going to insert some photos from my pregnancy journey.

pregnancy transformation. baby announcement. baby bootees and our hands
We have used this photo as our baby announcement.
pregnancy transformation. my baby bump at 14 weeks pregnant
14 weeks pregnant
pregnancy transformation. baby scan at 20 weeks pregnant. baby boy bootees
It’s a boy <3
pregnancy transformation. baby bump at 24 weeks
24 weeks pregnant
pregnancy transformation. baby bump at 31 weeks pregnant
31 weeks pregnant
pregnancy transformation. 37 weeks baby bump. it was taken in my local park during my bump photoshoot.
37 weeks pregnant. Click on the photo to follow my bump photoshoot post

Below you can see my epic pregnancy transformation. I just love the fact that it was possible for me to capture all these moments. Can’t wait to capture even more moments like this.


Until next time, take care & stay beautiful!

Xoxo Kinga

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