Autumn Essentials for Mommy & Baby

autumn essentials mommy and baby

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I know that autumn isn’t “installed” yet everywhere, but here in the UK, the autumn vibe is very present.

Everybody’s dressed up with boots and coats. Even babies are equipped for the autumn days.

Therefore today I’d like to share our autumn essentials for both me and my little one.

In case you didn’t know babies also have seasonal essentials and must-haves.

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autumn essentials mommy and baby

Autumn essentials for mommy

1. Fashion

I know that when it comes to fashion everybody has different opinion and essentials.

But I’m going to share mine anyway just in case you are like me.

Ankle Boots

I absolutely love my boots, especially the high heeled ones. But of course, that since I became a mommy I can’t really wear high heeled ones.

Another thing that I love about boots is that I find them very flattering. At least that’s what I think.

My favourite pair of boots is from Deichmann. They are from a previous collection (2016) so not sure if you can still find them now. There are always similar ones online. 


I have soooo many trench coats in my wardrobe. Not sure why I need them all or, to be honest, I’m not sure if they still fit me! Still, haven’t lost the baby weight. 🙁

They look so pretty with anything. You can dress them up or down, wear them on their own.

Long story short I find them very versatile.

If you ask me, it’s a wardrobe staple for the autumn season. 

Faux fur vest (or any other type of sleeveless piece of clothing)

Not sure why this one is here, but I like wearing vests in general, not just faux fur ones during autumn.

They add the perfect amount of warmth in those sunny autumn days when a trench coat it’s too much.

I also like the fact that a vest will instantly transform a boring outfit into a chic little outfit. 


I absolutely adore wearing scarves!

I have so many in my wardrobe – I could easily do a “My scarves collection” type post 😂

You can wear a scarf anywhere: in your hair, around your waist, like a bag accessory, around your neck, etc.


Since I got pregnant leggins were my go-to piece of clothing from my whole wardrobe. They are so comfortable and versatile!

No surprise that these are still on my essentials list this autumn!

I like styling them with ankle boots, asymmetric blouses and sometimes suede skirts.

2. Beauty

I don’t have many beauty bits when it comes to autumn essentials, but I do have a couple of things I’d like to mention.

You’re most probably using these products all year round, but sometimes, especially during summer, you don’t absolutely need them, if you know what I mean.

Transfer resistant foundation

Of course, I had to include this one here!

It’s absolutely essential during autumn or winter to wear a foundation that won’t transfer onto your clothes. 

I hate it when I see makeup marks on my clothes, especially when you’re wearing high neck jumpers or maybe a scarf. 

There are quite a few foundations that are transfer resistant, but these are my all time favourites: 

Hydrating face & lip products

I don’t know about you, but my face and lips get so dry as soon as it gets colder outside. Not sure why is that, because I have oily skin. 

So somehow, I’m forced to switch to more hydrating products during autumn.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, I believe that every woman should change up their skincare and makeup according to the season.

I am planning on writing an article on my blog about my autumn/winter skincare routine, so more about the subject will come soon.

3. Other


My ultimate favourite ones are Yankee Candles. They smell so so good and whenever I burn them, my entire house fills with its wonderful aroma! 

I also like offering them as gifts. You can never go wrong with them. But, more about gifts in a future post. 

Back to the candles. I like buying them from George – Asda. I find that the prices are alright.

When the holidays are approaching they also do very cute packages that you can buy them as a gift. 

Click here to see autumn in a jar 🙂 

Couch snuggles

Here is my favourite 3 into 1: cosy blanket, movie & hot chocolate.

Who doesn’t like snuggling up on a couch under a warm blanket watching a movie or a TV show while enjoying a hot chocolate (or tea)?

That’s me in one sentence, especially on those cold days!

Not sure how much I am going to enjoy this one because being a mom is nothing about laying down and enjoying a cup of hot chocolate.

Don’t get me wrong!

I am not complaining!

I love being a mom.

That’s real life.


Another autumn essential, but if you live in the UK you probably don’t use it as much. 


It never rains straight down!

Therefore, you’re better off without an umbrella. 

It’s much better with a raincoat & rainboots!

Autumn essentials for your baby

You are probably wondering what essentials would a tiny baby or a toddler have for autumn. 


They definitely have some autumn essentials that will make your life much easier and more pleasant. 

Please note that these could easily transfer onto the winter essentials as well, but since we’re in autumn, let’s think of them as being autumn essentials 😀 

1. Fashion

I find that all these are pretty self-explanatory so they don’t really need extra explanation. 

Fleece sleepsuits – ensure that your baby is warm at all times.

Bodysuits – these will always give your baby extra warmth in colder days.

Knitted Vest – we have a handknitted one from my grandma. It’s so useful having one on hand in those early mornings when your house it’s a bit colder. 

Slipper shoes – I strongly recommend having slippers for your little one (if he’s already walking), especially if you don’t have carpeted floors. He’ll be healthy and warm for the entire season.

Rain boots & raincoat – totally must-haves if you live in a place where it rains a lot! These apply if you have older children that are already walking.

Sleeping bag – another must-have in my opinion! My boy loves sleeping without being covered up with a blanket, so in the autumn and winter, I make sure that I put him in a sleeping bag. This way I am certain that he won’t be cold during the night and that he won’t catch a cold.

Beanie – sadly I’ve seen so many mommies around here leaving their little children bareheaded. I don’t want nor like to judge other mommies, but PLEASE, put a beanie on your baby’s head! They are very sensitive to the cold! I am sure you don’t want them to catch a cold!

2. Other

Stroller accessories for autumn & winter

This is more for the late autumn days when it can get really chilly outside. 

First, ensure that you don’t have a summer stroller! 

Your baby will freeze to death in there. Exaggerating, of course! Don’t be alarmed 🙂

Second, ensure that you properly equip it for the colder days so that your baby will be warm and snuggled.

I am planning on doing a separate blog post on this particular subject where I would also write more about how I’ve equipped our stroller for winter.

So if you’re interested, ensure that you come back for that.


These were all our autumn essentials. 

Before you go, please go ahead and share in the comments your autumn essentials for this year.

I’d love to see what you have on your list.

Also, I’ve mentioned quite a few future blog posts, so please come back later for more!

Until next time take care & stay beautiful!

xoxo Kinga 

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autumn essentials mommy and baby

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