What’s in my Diaper Bag – Toddler Edition

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Not sure about you, but I’m always curious about what other mommies carry around in their diaper bag. Therefore today I am going to share with you what’s in my diaper bag – toddler edition.

Whenever I have leave the house for a longer period of time I’m always making sure that I have everything I might need for my toddler. This looks completely different compared to when he was a baby.

I put together a checklist especially for you. So if you don’t want to or maybe you don’t have time to read the whole thing, you can just download the FREE printable checklist and you can be on your way!

diaper bag checklis freebie

For an easy read I divided this article into 3 sections: nappy changing, snacks & drinks and toys & other. So, let’s start with the main section of the diaper bag.

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Nappy Changing

This is the obvious part in which of course you’re going to find nappies, wipes and all the other good stuff:

  • Nappies – usually I take 1-3 nappies with us, depending on how long we are out of the house.
  • Wipes – I love Water Wipes, I’ve been using them since day 1 and just can’t give up on them. Clean ingredients, perfect amount of moisture and don’t irritate my baby’s skin. That’s all I need! We’ve had unpleasant experiences with other brands. I have a subscription on Amazon for my wipes, which is great because I get a discounted price.
  • Changing mat – I discovered recently the disposable ones and I just love them. Don’t have to constantly change it and wash it. I always know the wrong side of it. Just brilliant. Don’t know why I haven’t thought that these exist. I use them at home as well.
  • Nappy bags – I always carry nappy bags with me, no matter where I go. I find them so useful, just for dirty nappies. You can put dirty clothes in them or maybe food waste. Great way of keeping your diaper bag clean at all times. I buy mine from Poundland, so they are super affordable.
  • A change of clothes – these have to actually fit your child and they have to be weather appropriate. I am mentioning this, because when my son was a baby I would always carry around clothes that wouldn’t fit him anymore. I like to take an extra set of clothes just in case any accidents happen. But he doesn’t have them anymore, but I just want to be safe. You never know when you might actually need them.

Snacks & Drinks

Ok, so this is the massive change from a baby to a toddler diaper bag. Since we started weaning (at around 5 months) I’ve never left the house without snacks and drinks.

I try to keep my son’s snacks as healthy as possible so I include mostly fruits and biscuits. I also make sure to bring his favourite fruits and that are not messy or very juicy.

I don’t want him to be a total mess after he finishes eating.

  • Banana, apple, grapes – I think these are his favourites fruits, plus they are not messy and very filling.
  • Biscuits or Oats Bar – Biscuits are another favourite snacks. In terms of the oats bars, I always go for the ones from Ella’s Kitchen.
  • Water – he drinks a lot of it, so I definitely need it on the go as well. His favourite sippy cup is 360 Trainer Cup from Munchkin.
  • Homemade Juice – I am not always taking juice for him, but when we go for the whole day, I like to treat him with a yummy juice made with homemade syrup (from real fruits) and water. Luckily he doesn’t know other types of juices. Not sure for how long though.
  • Milk – this is optional for us. Since I stopped breastfeeding my son doesn’t really drink much of it. The only way he drinks milk is if I combine it with something else, such as banana or biscuits.

Toys & Others

This section is all about entertainment on the go and some other bits and pieces. These are so useful especially when you’re in the bus or maybe you’re stuck in a queue running errands. Toddlers are known for their lack of patience, so toys are the best thing to keep them busy while you do what you have to do.

  • Books – these are perfect for toddlers. They are bright and colorful, perfect way to keep them busy.
  • Singing toys – not sure if these are the best ones to take outside the house, but whenever you are on the road (not in a closed environment such as buses or buildings) these are another great way to keep them entertained. We are using the Music Player from Leap Frog. You can even sing too. My son loves it when I sing to him.
  • Busy Book or Toy – these are referring to those books or toys that have a lot of different activities for your toddler to learn and play with. You can create your own or find a great one on Etsy. I absolutely adore these.  
  • Flashcards – I really like flashcards. I have quite a few and I love showing and teaching my son new words and images. Why not taking it on the go as well? Another great way to keep your toddler busy on a bus or something similar.
  • Bib – you definitely need one of these if you are planning on eating out.
  • Burp Cloths – even if you are not breastfeeding anymore, burp cloths can be handy. You can use them for so many things, so in my opinion is a must-have in your diaper bag.

A final note

That’s everything I carry around in our diaper bag when we are going out for more than a couple of hours. If we’re travelling or staying overnight, it’s a different story. I’ll soon be travelling with my toddler abroad, so I plan on writing another article about Travelling Essentials for Toddlers, so definitely keep an eye for that. Should come in a couple of weeks.

Now I am curious what are you carrying around in your diaper bag. Feel free to share them with us in the comments, would love to hear from you!

Until next time take care & stay beautiful!

Xoxo Kinga

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