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I’ve seen many of other vloggers and bloggers speaking about the new No Makeup Makeup from L’Oreal. Since I became a mom, I don’t really have much time to get ready in the mornings as I’ve had before. Therefore I started wearing less makeup. This new range is just perfect for me and what I need at the moment. I liked how they looked, so I wanted to try them out. That’s when I thought: “it’s shopping time!”

Before I jump into it I would like to specify a few of things:

  • I have combination to oily skin
  • I keep my makeup on for the entire day (almost) 
  • I usually don’t do retouches throughout the day (I’m too lazy to carry around my makeup bag)

Just to be clear from the beginning, I haven’t bought the entire no make makeup from L’Oreal I tend to do so in the near future. For now, I’ve got only two of the range and their concealer palette – which is not that new, but very new to me. I’ll do a separate blog post on the concealer palette.

Here’s what I’ve bought this time:

  • Bonjour Nudista BB cream
  • La Vie en Glow highlighting palette
  • Infaillible Total Cover concealer palette (not included in today’s post, like I said I’ll do a separate one)

I’ve used them a couple of times, so today I’m going to share my first impressions with you.


Bonjour Nudista


no makeup makeup loreal

At first use, I wasn’t a big fan of the Bonjour Nudista BB cream. That’s because very soon after applying it on my face it has dried up fairly quickly (it still does) and unevenly.

I had to remove everything and reapply the product on my face. I thought that’s because I’ve applied my normal moisturizer underneath it. 

But that wasn’t the case. The product tends to dry out almost immediately after applying on the face, so you need to blend it into your skin as soon as you put it on.

no makeup makeup loreal

no makeup makeup loreal






The second time around I left out my moisturizer and applied the BB cream straight onto my bare face, in small areas this time to prevent it from drying up too fast. 

Sadly the same thing has happened. Therefore I thought to switch from using my fingers to a beauty blender to finish applying the product. 

OMG, that has changed everything! It was such a big difference! It looked amazing on my face, no more dry patches and my skin looked really luminous. At that moment I fell in love with this BB cream.

By the way, this product comes in 4 colors and my color is Medium Light.

This BB cream feels really well and lightweight on my face. It is also quite hydrating, so in my opinion, there is no need for extra moisturizer, especially if you have oily skin like myself. 

Later edit: now I’m using a cream as a primer and the BB cream looks better on my skin. I have to say that I am not a really big fan of it. It doesn’t look right on my face.

Later edit 2: I’ve been using it for a couple of months now and still don’t like it. Maybe that my oily skin is not compatible with the product so it leaves some kind of residues on my skin.

In terms of coverage, it works well. I’m not sure if this is buildable, at least I didn’t notice this yet.

I still have some dark colored spots on my face from when I was pregnant and this BB cream did a pretty good job of covering them. 

I’ve used it multiple times already and so far the fact that is drying up too quickly is the only negative aspect or should I say something that I didn’t like about this product. 

Another thing that I like about this is the scent. It’s really subtle and nice. Can’t associate it with something specific. Maybe the fact that it’s infused with apricot oil, coconut oil, and green tea gives it this amazing scent. 

I just love how it looks and feels on my face. 

Another thing I noticed is that it has oxidized after a few hours. Maybe that happens to all BB creams, but after a while, my skin looks a bit darker.

I am not a huge fan of these type of products but I don’t have any issues with them either. 


La Vie en Glow


no makeup makeup loreal, highlighting pallette

Moving onto the La Vie en Glow highlighting palette. This is a gorgeous product. I love all the colors, although, I’m not sure if I’m going to use them all. I don’t think that they even match my skin tone, I’m too pale. 

They are buildable, blendable and they sink beautifully into the skin. It will also give it a very natural glow and the skin will be just radiant 🙂 

no makeup makeup loreal

On the back of the packaging, there is a guide on how to use all these 4 colors, but to be honest I haven’t used them all at the same time. I didn’t want to end up too shiny. 

Tip: you could also use these as an eyeshadow. They are so sparkly and look amazing on your eyelids. That’s what I’ve been doing occasionally. 

It comes in two different color palette and mine is warm glow. As you can see below in the swatches, all colors are super pigmented, especially the last two. 

no makeup makeup loreal


No makeup makeup is definitely a good range for those of you who don’t wear a lot of makeup on a daily basis. 

There is also a peachy colored blush in this range, so this would probably be my next purchase. 

Question: have you tried any products of the no makeup makeup range? If yes, let me know your opinion in the comments. 

Until next time, take care & stay beautiful!

xoxo Kinga

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No makeup makeup loreal

No makeup makeup loreal






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