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My Soufeel bracelet

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Today, I am going to write about my Soufeel Bracelet, which is currently one of my favorite pieces of jewelry!

Quite a while ago, Soufeel has sent me this lovely Charm Bracelet. I was extremely happy because I wanted anyway to purchase my own, as I love sterling silver jewelry. I had the opportunity to choose my own favorites directly from their website. This exact one was also featured on my YouTube channel, which is in my native language, Romanian.
Although this was a long time ago, I really wanted to mention it once again, as I am so pleased with it and I just love it!

soufeel bracelet


My bracelet came very well packaged in a Soufeel branded box. The next layer of packaging was an envelope lined up with bubble wrap. Inside,  was this lovely and extremely soft pouch which was holding the bracelet and all the charms, individually packaged in little plastic bags. I really appreciated that attention to the details, this way the charms didn’t get scratched during transportation.

soufeel bracelet

Soufeel has quite a variety of bracelets on their website, but because I consider myself a romantic, I chose the Heart Clasp Bracelet. I honestly, didn’t think that the clasp would be that good quality! I was surprised, which is very good, I think 🙂 The structure of the bracelet is very strong and well put together. The fact that it’s covered with 925 sterling silver will help not to leave a green residue on your skin.

In terms of the size of the bracelet, you should be careful not to add to many centimeters. They advise, to measure your wrist and add 1 cm to it for the charms. Buf of course, I overdid it and mine is quite big now. I don’t mind because anyway it’s not falling off my wrist, but I would prefer it to be a bit more fix. So, please, pay extra attention when doing these measurements.


I carefully chose each charm; every single one of them has a personal purpose and meaning. I am going to share all these with you alongside some close-ups of these beauties.

Just in case you were wondering, I can’t wait to extend my collection of charms, but I really want to add just the meaningful ones to it. I would like it to be a special bracelet with a lot of memories! But for now, I am going to mention what I have so far:

  • Pieces Charm – I decided on this one, because, both my husband and I share the same sign and of course I wanted to highlight this matter!
  • Camera Charm – You can’t see it properly in this picture. If you didn’t guess by now, this symbolizes my journey on YouTube.
  • Plane Charm – This one symbolizes a couple of things for me. Both happened at the same time actually, first, would be my first time on a plane and second my trip to Cyprus.  A trip that has changed my life forever!
  • Family Charm – I had to choose this one! The family is very important to me and if I can’t have them with me at all times, I wanted at least something to remind me of them. I didn’t find this charm on the UK website, so I linked a different one, just for reference.
  • Picture Charm – This is my favorite one! It’s a picture of us from our wedding <3 and on the back of it, I wanted to engrave the date of our wedding. I had to say that although the picture that I submitted it was a high-quality one, for some reason, the printed one doesn’t look as good. But, honestly, I don’t mind that!

soufeel bracelet

Please comment down below and tell me if you like these charm bracelets and if you have one of your own and what charms do you have. I would love to know that!


*** this bracelet was kindly sent to me by Soufeel as a PR sample

xoxo Kinga 


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