Flashcards are a great learning tool for anyone, not only for toddlers or young children. Grab these free alphabet printables and start now!

FREE Printable ABC Flashcards

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Are you looking for a cute & free alphabet printables for your toddler?

Flashcards are a great learning tool for anyone, not only for toddlers or young children.

This approach is used more by teachers in classrooms, but it can be easily implemented at home.

All you need is a good set of printable flashcards and you’re good to go.

At the moment our focus is alphabet, letters, phonetics so these flashcards are great for that.

Furthermore, this is a great toy to add to your diaper bag, or maybe when travelling.

I would show the cards and say out loud each letter (phonetically). It’s easier and faster to teach the alphabet using phonectics. Sometimes he would repeat after me, but most of the time he looks at the picture.

About the free alphabet printables

The size of each card is 10.76 by 8.61

Each card has a letter (both in upper and lower case) an image that begins with the letter as well as the name of the object that is on the card.

I find it so cute, whenever he comes to me with these cards to tell him the ABC. He just loves it!

We do this approx 15 minutes per day. Not more, because I don’t want to bore him or insist too much.

Download here


Step 1 download the PDF file to your PC

Step 2 print at home or at a print centre or even online for your convenience

Step 3 for a more durable product, you could laminate the paper before cutting the cards out.

But you can also print on a thicker paper, such as cardboard (like the ones used for the business cards).

It all depends on your wish and budget. I know that laminating costs more than just simple printing. So go for whatever works best to you.

Step 4 cut out all the cards with or without the border – again, it depends on your own preference.

That’s why I love printables. Some things are up to you. Which is amazing.

Step 5 stop here if you’d like, but if you want to go a step further and don’t want to lose the cards, bound them together.

Step 6 in order to do it, you’ll need a hole puncher and a metal ring (from a keychain) or something similar.

Step 7 and VOILA! That’s it! You have some amazing looking flashcards for your toddler to learn the alphabet easier.

free alphabet printables
This is the one I created for my son, but in Romanian. Don’t worry, you’ll get the English version 🙂

Do you want to personalise it?

This is exactly what you were looking for! I have everything ready for you. All you need to do is add the desired name on the Cover of the Flashcards, add the image to a Google Doc file and hit Print.

To make things even easier for you, I created a mini-tutorial in which I show you the step-by-step process in order to obtain a personalized alphabet flashcards. So I suggest watching it first so you know what to expect.

Click here for the Canva templates

After you created your own personalised cover, please go to the Google Docs File (listed in your confirmation email) in order to add your personalised page and print it.

If you need further assistance, leave a comment down below!

I want you to have the best experience and enjoy this freebie, so don’t be shy!

Until next time, take care & stay beautiful!

free alphabet printables
Save it for later!

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