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I created the activity sheets for toddlers because I wanted to see if my toddler (nearly 3 yo) was interested in them. What you see here is the final printable, but before that, I just drew something by hand on a piece of paper.

Surprisingly he was interested in them and he played for a very long time. Therefore I decided to make them reusable and durable. That’s how this printable came to life.

I also wanted to share them with you, just in case you are looking for something similar.

activity sheets for toddlers

Here’s what you get in the Activity Sheets for Toddlers

You get a PDF with 6 pages of activity sheets for toddlers and 2 pages with instructions and the cover. In order to save paper and ink, I highly recommend you print only the activity sheets.

Page 1 – Numbers & counting

Activity Sheets for Toddlers
Activity Sheets for Toddlers

This is a fun way of learning about numbers and how to count. We love using pom-poms for it, but any other loose pieces work perfectly.

How do we do this activity? We say the number out loud and then we start adding the pom poms into the circles. Then we repeat this process until we finished the entire sheet.

Sometimes he wants to go all the way to the bottom and sometimes he doesn’t. That’s OK. I don’t like pushing him. In the beginning, he didn’t want this activity, but I kept bringing it out until he wanted to work on this sheet.

You’ll need:

How to set up this activity?

Set up is very straightforward and easy. You lay flat the piece of paper on your table or floor and the bowl of pom poms/loose pieces next to it.

Page 2 – Color matching

I think this is my favorite, I don’t even know why 🙂 Again, we’re using pom poms for it, but any other colorful loose pieces work too.

You’ll need:

How to set up this activity?

Another easy one to set up. You put the piece of paper on a surface and a bowl of pom poms/loose pieces next to it. Let your child choose the colors and put them on the activity sheet.

Pages 3 & 4 – Domestic vs wild animals

Activity Sheets for Toddlers

I created these pages because I wanted my son to learn and differentiate domestic animals from wild ones. So the idea behind this activity is to match the correct animals into the correct box and category/page.

That’s how they will learn which are domestic animals and which ones are wild. You can also practice animal sounds or sing a little song with that particular animal.

You’ll need:

How to set up this activity?

I normally put both pages side by side on a table. Then I lay out all the animals in front of him, around the pages. He’ll then pick and choose which one he finds on the paper.

We also practice animal sounds or sing a little song.

With this activity, my 2 yo knows the difference between wild and domestic animals and which animals go in each category.

Page 5 – Shape matching

Activity Sheets for Toddlers
Activity Sheets for Toddlers

I believe this is a great opportunity to find out whether your child is capable of recognizing the 3D shapes and matching them with the 2D shapes (aka from paper). Even if he doesn’t know them yet, it’s a great tool to help them learn.

I added the most common shapes and your child can play around to find the perfect match.

You’ll need:

How to set up this activity?

You can set up this activity in 2 ways:

  • let your child scoop and find the shapes on his own, without separating the ones from the paper
  • put all the shapes from the paper into a little tray and let him find the pieces that way.

Page 6 – Shapes & colors

This is the same page as the one from before, but this time I added colors too. It would be ideal if you have the exact colors and shapes, so your child can learn to match both shapes and colors. But I am not sure this is possible, so you can work with what you already have at home.

When it comes to how to set this activity up and what you need, it’s the same as on page 5.

How to make these printables more durable

We all know that paper and little kids equal wrinkles or bunny ears. So a great way to make these printables more durable, especially the ones you want to keep re-using over and over again, is to laminate them.

We invested in a laminator simply because I knew that I’ll want to make a lot of flashcards and printables for my son.

However, you don’t need to buy a laminator, just to use this freebie. You can always go to your local printing shop where I am sure they have a laminating service.

Another alternative to making these more durable is to print them on thicker paper, like the ones you use for business cards.

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activity sheets for toddlers

Final Note

These are the activity sheets for toddlers we use at least once per week. My son like them a lot and I am super proud of him.

Please don’t forget to come back and leave me a comment if your child enjoys this printable.

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