Dear 2016 – a letter to you

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I really wanted to address some words to 2016. I am so grateful for the year that has just passed and I will always have it in my heart and mind…

Dear 2016,

You have been a year full of changes, good stuff as well as bad stuff. You have thought me that patience is key for a happy and meaningful life and that time will always fill in all the gaps.

This year, my husband and I have decided to take life into our own hands and for the second time ever, we moved to a different country. A country where we thought that everything is possible and where we would have the best time of our whole lives. That’s when we moved to London. We knew that this move wouldn’t be easy and that we would be neither facing a lot of challenges and even more difficulties, but we didn’t mind nor give up. We are young and we felt like nothing could stop us!

Professionally, I honestly, didn’t think that it could be better than it was. I got transferred from my job in Romania, here in London. After a few weeks, I got the opportunity to try something different and start from scratch in terms of my role: project management. This is a very beautiful, but very hard domain. Especially,  when you don’t have any studies whatsoever.

This has also been the year when a little miracle has happened, a new beginning…a new life forming amongst us that soon enough is going to change our lives forever. We are expecting a baby, which soon, will be in our arms.

This has also been the year when my parents came to the UK for the first time. I am very proud and happy that they support us and always come visiting wherever we are in this world. This means that they can also see the world no matter where we go.

So, thank you dear 2016 for everything you have prepared for us and for teaching us even more. I wish next year to be as good as you were and to be able to achieve even more.

All the best and welcome 2017!

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