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24 Festive Toddler Christmas Adventures

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Little elves and reindeer-in-training, get ready to unwrap the ultimate Christmas Bucket List for Toddlers! 

I’ve gathered merry activities that’ll sprinkle your days with holiday magic. From meeting Santa to crafting snowflake wonders, this list is packed with festive fun just for you!

In a Hurry? Quick Festive Fun!

Running short on time? No worries! Here are three super-speedy activities from the Christmas Bucket List for Toddlers:

  1. Decorate Mini Christmas Trees: Use small craft trees and colorful stickers for instant holiday cheer.
  2. Sing Jingle Bells: Grab some bells or make jingling sounds while singing this merry tune.
  3. Build a Playdough Snowman: Roll, stack, and accessorize with buttons and toothpick arms!

Being short on time doesn’t mean short on fun! Try these quick delights and keep the holiday joy rolling! 🎉🎁

boy working on some christmas crafts

Christmas Bucket List for Toddlers

  1. Decorate a Gingerbread House: Build and decorate a yummy house with colorful candies and icing.
  2. Meet Santa Claus: Visit Santa, share wishes, and snap a photo together!
  3. Go Ice Skating: Glide on ice like penguins, holding hands with grown-ups.
  4. Make DIY Ornaments: Create sparkly ornaments with glitter and glue for the tree.
  5. Watch a Christmas Movie: Snuggle up and enjoy a heartwarming holiday movie with hot cocoa.
  6. Read Christmas Stories: Gather around for cozy storytime with tales of reindeer and elves.
  7. Write a Letter to Santa: Share wishes and good deeds in a special letter to Santa Claus.
  8. Visit a Christmas Market: Explore stalls filled with crafts, treats, and holiday cheer.
  9. Sing Christmas Carols: Belt out jolly tunes with family and friends.
  10. Bake Cookies for Santa: Whip up delicious cookies to leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve.
  11. Create a DIY Christmas Card: Craft a special card with love for grandparents or friends.
  12. Have a Snowball Fight (or pretend to!): Make soft snowballs and giggle as you toss them around.
  13. Make Reindeer Food: Mix oats and glitter to sprinkle outside for Santa’s reindeer.
  14. Build a Snowman or Snow Angels: Play in the snow, sculpting a jolly snowman or making angel shapes.
  15. Visit a Christmas Tree Farm: Choose and decorate your own tree to bring home.
  16. Dress Up in Holiday Outfits: Wear Santa hats, elf ears, or cozy sweaters for fun holiday photos.
  17. Go on a Christmas Lights Tour: Drive around to see beautifully lit houses and streets.
  18. Attend a Holiday Parade: Wave at colorful floats and enjoy marching bands.
  19. Have a Hot Chocolate Party: Add marshmallows and sprinkles for a tasty treat!
  20. Make a Wish on a Christmas Star: Look up at the sky and make a special wish.
  21. Create a Handprint Wreath: Use paint to make a wreath with your handprints.
  22. Donate Toys or Clothes: Share with others by giving toys or clothes to those in need.
  23. Play with Christmas-themed Playdough: Mold shapes and create your own holiday scenes.
  24. Have a Pajama Day: Stay cozy all day in your comfiest PJs, watching movies and playing games.
  25. Get Lost in the Christmas Market: visit your local Christmas Market and look for Santa’s house with all his elves where you can join different festive activities.

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If you’re looking for even more ideas – check out my Printable Christmas Advent Calendar for families

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And that’s a wrap on our Christmas Bucket List for Toddlers! 

I hope these jolly adventures filled your days with laughter and joy. Whether you’re baking cookies for Santa or twirling in the snow, remember, that the true gift of Christmas is sharing special moments with loved ones. 

Keep the cheer alive, spread smiles, and keep exploring the wonders of the season! Merry Christmas and happy adventures!


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