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Bullet Journal: Impressions of a first time user

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Bullet Journal: the latest trend in planning and organizing your life. Although at first, I didn’t know whether I am going to like it. But, for my surprise, it caught me straight away and I can say that I actually love it!

After a few attempts [failed ones, of course]  in organizing my life via a normal, basic planner, I thought that planning isn’t for me. For some reason, I just couldn’t seem to stick to it. So I was thrilled when I saw that this “miracle” journal has been invented and also, how rapidly has concurred the world!

Because I really wanted to get organized, I wanted to try it straight away. Just to see if it would stick to my lifestyle. This is how and why I have challenged myself to, at least, try it for a while. At least for a month, and if I am going to like it I am going to continue, of course…

Before I move on, I wanted to let you know: I am by no means an expert! I have decided to share my first-time user experience with you all, just in case you are still trying to figure out if this is something that would work for you. So let’s learn and figure out more about bullet journal together!

What is a Bullet Journal?

If you don’t know what bullet journal [let’s shorten to BuJo for an easy reading] means, I am going to try to explain it in a few words.

Basically, it’s a notebook where you can write all your thoughts, organize your life, make lists and lots more. For a better understanding of how this was created and how it should work, I would recommend watching this video. Where Ryder Carroll, the founder, explains in depth what and how a bullet journal should be used.

Many “bullet journalists” [I think that’s a thing now 🙂 ] out there have found inspiration in his idea and reinterpreted the bullet journal method. Just by doing a quick search online, you will find how many variations of this journals are out there. I also adopted and personalized everything so that this works best for me and for my needs. Still, haven’t found a design or layout that I like and really works for me. But, I guess that’s the fun part of it!

How to start a BuJo?

OK, so you want to start one, great news! But you don’t know how? Well…let me point out that all you need is a notebook and a pen! Especially at the beginning. Don’t even worry about all those fancy pens and stationery, which you see in every single video on YouTube or even Instagram. But if you truly like it and want to go fancy with it, you could slowly, but surely, invest in some nice colors, pens, markers, etc.

In case you are interested what my BuJo “stationery collection” is so far. I am going to dedicate a whole separate post on this topic because I don’t want this one to be too long ( so, keep an eye on my future posts to don’t miss it). My collection is constantly growing 🙂 I am kind of obsessed with stationery at the moment. Some of these were in my collection way before BuJo came along. But most of them are actually recent purchases, so you can still find them online or in shops if you are interested in them.

What should you include in your BuJo?

To be completely honest with you this part is up to you and what you would like to include in it. It’s also depending on what you would like to plan and track in your BuJo.
For your convenience and to have some ideas, here is a list of spreads together with a short description that I have adopted for myself. Since I’ve not been practicing BuJo for a long time, these are not yet defined and over time these will definitely going to change. That’s why I actually like BuJo: you can spice up and change spreads all the time, week by week, month by month.

  • Future log – this is basically a full year calendar, where you can see at a glance your entire year.
  • Monthly log – this would be the same concept as the future log, but on a smaller scale – month by month.
  • Weekly log – same as the above, but at an even smaller scale.
  • Daily log – as you can see this goes even deeper. I don’t really use this type of spread just because my days are not that busy. That’s why I kind of stopped at the weekly log.
  • Collection spreads – these are so varied that I couldn’t fit all of them into this post.  See down below a list with some of my favorite ones, just so you have an idea of what I wanted to say. If you are not sure what all these are, all you need to do is search by its name either on Google or on Pinterest. You’ll find lots of ideas and explanations there.

bullet journal collection ideas

In conclusion

If you are a planning addict or just love to draw [believe me you don’t need to be an expert in drawing] you have to try out bullet journaling.

I am not good at drawing or calligraphy and still own a bullet journal. So please, don’t be discouraged to start one just because you are not good at something. I am perfectly aware that all those inspirational pictures can a bit overwhelming. I feel you there; for me was the same at the beginning.

There is no need to go crazy with drawings. You could always use printable materials or stickers or cut-outs from your favorite magazine!

Remember: there is no rule for this type of journal! It’s time to do your own rules! Like I said, that’s the fun part of it and that’s why I actually adopted it for myself and love it so much.

I am going to share some of my “plan with me” type of posts. So, don’t forget to come back for those.

Until next time, take care & stay beautiful!

xoxo Kinga


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