Baby milestones & development | 8 Month Baby Update

baby development 8 month baby update

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Baby development and baby milestones are a very interesting topic for all the moms out there. Mainly because we are always overthinking everything baby related. We worry too much and we always think that something is wrong with our baby even if this isn’t actually true. 

I know that there are many articles on this subject, but I wanted to share my story simply because every baby is different and they develop differently. So please, don’t worry if your baby hasn’t accomplished certain things yet. 

Every baby has its own rhythm and they do certain things on their own pace. So, you have to be patient and trust that your baby knows what to do.

This is going to be my first ever post on this subject.  What took me so long? No idea. It’s never too late to start something new, am I right? 

Oh wow! I can’t believe how fast time has flown… my newborn isn’t a newborn anymore and I can’t really get used to it. 

This past month has been a total game changer for us. 

My little baby (who is not that little anymore) has changed a lot, not only physically but mentally too:

  • He’s grown so much compared to the previous months
  • He’s learned a lot
  • He’s a totally different baby

I love seeing all these changes at him and I’m extremely grateful and happy that I can be part of it. 

This post is all about baby development and baby milestones for the 8th month of my baby’s life. 

1. Physical changes

As I mentioned earlier he’s changed a lot physically. He doesn’t look like a baby anymore. He looks like a little boy and much older than he actually is.

This is not just me saying it. Everybody around us that have met him and are aware of his age was telling the same thing – he looks older than he actually is and that he’s well developed.

I have to say, as a mom I am so proud of it. But at the same time, I am so emotional. I don’t want my baby to grow too fast.

It’s so true when others tell you that babies grow fast. They grow too fast, I’d like to add. The best advice is – you should enjoy it while you can.

Over the months I developed a custom. When a month-end approaches, I always measure his height and weight. Then I write it down into his baby development and baby milestones book – baby record book. I’ve been doing this since he was born.

At the end of his 8th month, he had 73 cm and 9800 gr.

2. Teeth

At first, I thought that he’ll never have teeth. It took him almost 8 months to grow his first tooth when other babies got their first tooth at a much earlier age. But he’s grown 5 teeth in his 7th month and another 2 in his 8th month. So I guess it compensated for the fact that he got his first at a later age. 

In terms of teeth symptoms, he didn’t have many. I was expecting fever, but surprisingly he didn’t have any whatsoever.

He cried a little bit more than he normally would. But nothing extraordinary.

3. Health

He’s had his first ever cold. Nothing too severe though. Stuffy nose for a couple of days, a bit of a cough and that was all.

At his monthly check up the doctor has discovered otitis again. I say again because he’s had it before. It wasn’t anything major but our doctor decided to treat it anyway. She gave us some ear drops.

4. Emotional & Social

He cries at strangers now if he’s held by someone he doesn’t know. I haven’t noticed this before in him. Maybe because where we live we don’t have relatives around. So he doesn’t get in contact with lots of people. Or simply because he’s getting older and he’s more conscious about strangers.

The next one is kind of the opposite of the above. Sometimes he smiles at everyone. As long as he’s in my arms he’s very friendly and sociable baby. 

His little character starts showing up which is very interesting. 

5. Sleep

He had his first night of full sleep. Not sure if this was truly true though. I put him to bed at 21.30 and he woke up at 6.30 in the morning. Offered him a feed and then he fell asleep again until 8. I’d like to think that it was his first night of full sleep, but this could be just in my head. 

Sleeping on his tummy is one of his new sleeping positions. Whenever I put him down to sleep he will automatically put himself onto his tummy. I also noticed that this way he tends to sleep for a longer period of time.

At around 7-8 months old I started “sleep training” – I just wanted to teach him to fall asleep on his own nothing else. But I never succeeded. He will fell asleep just at the breast or if I will rock him to sleep. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but over time, it can be really time-consuming. 

After almost a month of this sleep training, we had to go to my hometown. I knew that everything we’ve accomplished so far it will disappear. And that’s exactly what has happened. After our return, he will fell asleep only while breastfeeding. 

At this point, I just gave up. I think he’s not ready yet so I am thinking to give him some more time. Will try again after 12 months or so. 

6. Food

Weaning is going very well at this point. I’ve introduced a 3rd main meal – his dinner to be more exact. 

Mealtimes have now reduced from an hour to 20-30 minutes on average.

I’ve got a post coming up with more info about weaning and baby led weaning. Where I’ll be talking more about his meals, what he eats and how. So if you’re interested look out for that post.

In terms of breastfeeding, everything is going well. He has around 4-5 feeds per day plus a couple more during night time. I can’t seem to cut his night feeds yet. 

7. Other baby milestones

If I am holding his hands he will start walking. He won’t do it by himself yet, but he’s getting better and better at standing on his own. 

Crawling got better as well. Every day that passes he’s getting better and better at it. 

Another cute thing he’s doing, whenever we are out for a walk, I always ask for his little hand. Sometimes he will give it to me and will hold my hand for a few moments. Honestly, this melts my heart. I cannot wait for him to grow a little bit more so we can walk together holding hands.

I always say “bye-bye” and then wave at him. Sometimes we will wave back at me, but not all the time.

Another thing that he started doing is clapping. He loves it. He’s clapping all the time and he laughs whenever he’s doing it. I think he’s just happy and amazed of what he can do with his little hands.

We had our first “picnic day” with him. It was very warm outside and sunny. He loved crawling on the grass.

He’s a very talkative baby. He says “mama mama” to everything at the moment. I just love all the sounds he’s making with his little baby voice.


That was everything I had to say for my baby’s 8th-month-old update. 

If you are a mom and would love to know how old is your little one. Just leave it in the comments. It’s always nice to get you know you a little more. 

Until next time, take care & stay beautiful!

xoxo Kinga

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baby development 8 month baby update

baby development 8 month baby update


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