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Oh, wow! I can’t believe that January of 2017 is almost gone! It still feels like Holidays were just yesterday…

Today, I am going to share my 2016 beauty favorites of the year / best products of the year! This would be my top 10 favorites, products that I loved and re-purchased throughout 2016!


I have never thought that, in my top beauty favorites of the year, I am going to include two cleansing products. Well.. there is always a first in everything, isn’t it?

This is not going to be a huge surprise for you, as it is quite huge at the moment. Everybody is talking about it and of course, this product had to be here 🙂 Were you able to guess? If yes, good job! It’s the Garnier’s Micellar Cleansing Water  Since I discovered this product (and it’s been a while since then) I just couldn’t let go of it! It’s so affordable, easy to find and use… I just love it! Whenever in doubt, I always re-purchase it! I know this product won’t disappear from my routine and definitely won’t disappoint me anytime soon. 🙂

garnier micellar water

The next cleanser I want to talk about is quite a recent discovery of mine. It’s the Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil from The Body Shop. To be honest with you, I found this product by mistake during one of my visits to their shop. These were on some kind of offer where you get three products for the price of two. That’s when I saw a lady jumping on them. My first thought was: “OMG that lady really loves that product, so it must be good. I should definitely give it a go.” Because I was in a hunt of an oil-type cleanser, I ended up buying one of these. I guess the timing was perfect 🙂 When I arrived home, I used it straight away and I have to say: I was amazed how well this product has removed all of my makeup and how well it handled my skin. I am thinking to do a review of this product and, when live, I will link it here somewhere, in case you are interested. I’ll keep you posted!

the body shop camomile cleanser


For my surprise, I don’t have as many is this category, but what I do have, are definitely my all-time favorites. First is the Age Rewind Eye Concealer by Maybelline.  I love how versatile this product is! What I mean by this is that you can use it as a concealer as well as a foundation, at least, that’s what I do from time to time 🙂

Age rewind maybelline concelear

Next on my list is another makeup staple of mine: Stay Matte Pressed Powder by Rimmel London. I started using this product not so long time ago. Influenced by one of my favorite YouTube friend Ioana114, I decided to buy it and since then I am using it non-stop. I simply can’t find anything that is similar to this one and to work as well with my oily/combination skin type. In case you were interested of the shade I have: I find that the transparent one does wonders to my skin.

Next up, I have a bronzer palette to share with you. It’s the e.l.f. Studio Bronzers in the shade warm. Honestly, I am quite happy with this little palette. It’s compact and very easy to travel with. I love how blendable the colors are and how they perfectly match with my skin tone. My skin is very fair/pale and, sometimes I struggle with finding something that’s not too dark for my skin color.

Lastly, in this category, I have some brushes. Real Techniques brushes are my favorites. Back in the day, I haven’t paid too much attention to what brushes I was using to apply my makeup with. But now, I think it’s definitely time to start investing in some good quality brushes. Good brushed = Better looking makeup 🙂 Therefore, my collection of brushes is slowly beginning to grow. I’ve got so far the Face Core Collection Kit, the Blush Brush and the Bold Metals Flat Contour Brush. Definitely, looking forward to purchasing some more 🙂real techniques brushes


Since I discovered this dry shampoo, I can’t seem to be able to use a different one! Whenever I tried other brands it never worked for me and always, always ended up using the Batiste one. That’s how well this product works for me and how much I love it. This is the Batiste Dry Shampoo and I use the Original one, just because I didn’t want to go over the board with the scents.

batiste dry shampoo

Another hair product of the year is oil. My hair is very strange: roots are oily, but sometimes I get an irritated scalp with dry patches and then my ends are again dry and not so good looking. So, I wanted something nourishing for my hair ends and not very greasy for my roots. At least, that’s what I had in mind when purchasing my Frizz Ease Nourishing Oil Elixir by John Frieda. Soon this has become my go to hair oil that not only will nourish my hair but will also give a subtle shine to it.

Frizz Ease Nourishing Oil Elixir 


When I was younger (not that now I am very old 🙂 ) I had a huge complexion. I don’t know if it was something hormonal or just temporary, but I was so ashamed of it. Unlike most kids, I was sweating way too much. I remember that the massive “sweat problem” has followed me all the way to high school or even uni. My pain was real, to be honest with you and has stopped when somebody recommended the Mitchum Deodorants.  This was way back in the day when I use to live in Romania. It was available in one particular supermarket. Since then I never stopped using this deodorant and I have to say that it has worked wonderfully for me so far. The only downside of this product is that it leaves the underarm area very dry. But who cares when I am not sweating like a crazy person anymore?! :))

Mitchum Deodorants

The last but not least of my 2016 favorites is a perfume. I wanted to include this one because this has been my all-time favorite since I was a teenager. It’s the Hypnotic Poison by Christian Dior. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this one, it’s a sweet, sexy and very long lasting scent. The scent has lasted even after my clothes have been washed! Because is that special for me, I tend to use it when I go out or on a special occasion as it can be very strong or too sweet for some people. That’s why I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for summer. But I adore this perfume and I wouldn’t care too much about what other people think about it. If I want to wear it, I will, no matter what season or part of the day it is! You can find more of its notes here.

hypnotic poison christian dior

That’s everything for my top 2016 favorites! I hope that you have found this helpful and please, don’t forget to leave your favorites in the comments. I’d love to chat more with you.

Till next time, take care!

xoxo Kinga


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