from a mommy to another...

Mom & Baby Printable Bundle

A fantastic freebie for you containing 8 checklists and infographics that will help you get organized. It’s always a good idea to have the right information in one place!

from a mommy to another...

I love to help other moms with their journey through motherhood

Hi, I am Kinga, the mommy behind KingasCorner.

Being a mom can be very challenging, especially when you have your first child. I feel your pain, as I am going through exact same thing right now! My main GOAL is to help and support you those rough times. I can guarantee that you are doing an AMAZING JOB!

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All things mommy related such as organization, productivity, tips and much more...


Do you feel like you want to know more about breastfeeding? I believe that you can learn so much more from other mom's breastfeeding journey...

Baby & Toddlers

As a first-time mommy you always have questions about certain things. From a mommy to another, I am here to give you some answers, solutions or tips and tricks that will make your life easier...


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